6-8pm | Wednesdays – 9 Oct-11 Dec 2019 | King’s Church High Wycombe, Desborough Road, HP11 2PU

Figuring out how to cook meals for yourself is a key part of university life. Real Meals will give you basic cooking skills, grow in confidence in the kitchen and enjoy some good food with others.

We don’t take things too seriously and are definitely not expert chefs but we love food and think it is best shared with others. We will look at a variety of simple meals that are great for students, perfect for sharing with your flat or quick and easy for those chaotic weeks with deadlines.

We will cook a different meal each week together and then seat down to enjoy the fruit of our labour. After each session, from 8-9pm, you are really welcome to stay and join us as we look at a Bible passage, discussing the passage and how it fits with our lives, and spending some time to pray together. However, there is no expectation for you to stay and you are completely free to leave at 8pm.

We will do our best to cater for any dietary requirements, just let us know when you sign up.

There is limited space for the course, so fill in the form below to book your space.

If you have any questions, contact Nicola on 01494 459901 or nicola@kchw.co.uk

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