We want to saturate High Wycombe with the love of God and pray a blessing over every street and important public building in High Wycombe. 

To be a part of Bless High Wycombe, please:
  1. Choose a location to pray over. Start with your own street and work from there.
  2. Stand at the start of the street or outside the building you plan to pray for, and pray the Blessing prayer (below) – you can pray out loud if you are happy to do so.  The Children’s Blessing Song can be found here.
  3. Walk down the street or around the building, praying that all the people there would be blessed, and if God highlights anything to you in prayer, pray into these things.
  4. When you reach the end of the street pray the Blessing prayer again.
  5. If you can, take a picture of the street sign or a selfie of you next to the sign/building.
  6. Go to this link and “map” the road you walked (detailed instructions below), to show that it has been blessed (or ask someone else to do that for you)


PRAYER OF BLESSING (based on Psalm 67)

Lord, be gracious to every person in this place.
Shine Your face upon them, and bless them,
so that Your ways may be known here
and your salvation accepted here.
May the people here praise You, God,
and every one of them lift up Your name in praise.
Let the sound of joyful worship be heard here
And let justice prevail because You are a just God.
Guide us all into Your ways,
and let praise of You ring out here.
Prosper this place and these people Lord,
bless them abundantly.
Pour out Your blessing here Lord
so that you will be honoured
and Your Kingdom will come here.


  1. When you click here, a webapp should open in a new browser window, but read the instructions below first if this is your first time.
  2. Move the page to find the road you prayed over and zoom in so you can see both ends of the road clearly,
  3. Click on the Church Logo, and then select “New Feature”,
  4. Click on one end of the road, move along the road clicking on any corners/turns, and then DOUBLE CLICK when you get to the end of the road,
  5. Enter your first name only in the box that pops up, and press “Close”.  THAT’S IT! 🙂

If it would help you, watch this short video screen capture… Video Screen Capture of Mapping