• We are loved by the Father with the same love the Father lavished on His Son! We are loved people.
  • What do you love about God? His love for you, His patience for you, His prayer for you, His sacrifice for you, His reward in heaven for you, His love for the world that doesn’t know Him, His forgiveness, His heart for your unity and closeness with others?
  • What do you love about God? Tell Him now
  • Pray in tongues, or for God’s presence and power for you as you pray, or ask for the gift of tongues!


  • insurance paperwork to be finally resolved: this is difficult
  • a great start!


  • Pray that for the team grow in their spiritual giftings to both encourage and build up each other and guests. Pray for miracles!
  • Pray for salvations and for positive next steps for the guests to take, both their recovery and discipleship
  • Pray that the team have all the practical resources they need to function effectively and generously
  • Pray for protection for the team and guests from Covid 19


  • For people to be prayed for straight after the meeting via Zoom.
  • An anointing on the team: Holy Spirit inspired prayer, words of knowledge and healing
  • The right number of pray-ers and those requesting prayer


  • Greater openness to the hope, power and freedom of the Gospel in our nation or your home nation
  • Church would rise to be a beacon of unity, love, a prophetic symbol of God’s glory in diversity. Many, many saved.
  • COVID-19 to be eradicated and any unnecessary fear of it in the nations
  • Our government and opposition parties to rule with wisdom, righteousness and sensitivity towards all they serve: God would raise leaders who can ‘read the times’ and guide the people
  • Wisdom for those vulnerable to the virus: pray against oppressive loneliness


  • We would cover the streets of High Wycombe with powerful prayers of blessing and see revival hit our town


  • Powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit leading people to repentance, salvation and closeness to Jesus
  • More non-believers to connect with our Sundays and becoming saved
  • This week: Francis Goss leading, John Harbour speaking on Psalm 103