Prayer Challenge

Lord Teach us to Pray 


This week we are inviting you to challenge yourself to go deeper in prayer.  The disciples had to learn to pray, and they even asked Jesus how to do so (Luke 11:1) – so do we! Each day there will be a prayer guide posted at, based on the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-13to help you with this.  We would love you to challenge yourself to go to the next step in your prayer journey.  Each day there will be three options to choose from: 

New to prayer (15  minutes each day)

If prayer is new to you and you haven’t spent time praying like this before, this option is for you.  Take 15 minutes to focus on God and spend time with Him.  The prayer guide is split into 5 minute sections, and in your 15 minutes you will pray through the first three sections. 

Growing in Prayer (30 minutes each day)

Maybe you have been praying for a while, but you find it hard to spend longer chunks of time in prayer. If that’s the case, this is the option for you.  Take 30 minutes to focus on God today.  The prayer guide is split into 5 minute sections, so you will pray through the first six sections. 

Loving prayer  (60 minutes each day)

Do you enjoy spending time in God’s presence?  Take a full hour (or longer) to spend with Him.  The prayer guide is designed to lead you in an hour of prayer; you can use it as a guide, or take the ideas contained within it and spend the hour as you would like to.   


We hope that these guides help you to draw closer to God.  Prayer at its heart is spending time with God and drawing closer to Him.  It is how we communicate with our loving Heavenly Father and how He longs to communicate with us.  Take time this week to slow down and to listen to God.  This can take practice and may feel difficult at first. Persevere, and find what works for you.  We are all created differently and communicate differently, but God wants to speak with every one of us.


When I have been praying about this – I had a word that I think applies to this time for the church:  

Many church planters find that when they go overseas to a different culture, particularly in the developing world, they don’t know how to do anything, and the things they rely on in daily life are not there. There may not even be a church to connect with at all if they are reaching an unreached people group. This was my experience in the Middle East.  It’s a time of stripping back and learning to depend fully on God.  It’s a difficult process but it teaches us to rely totally on God and find Him for ourselves.  We can’t rely on revelation from others or the things in our own culture that we use to make ourselves feel good, like a trip to favourite coffee shop, favourite TV shows, even friends who know you well.  However, if we allow it to be, this can become a fasttrack for growth and for developing intimacy with God. In this season we find ourselves in within our own nation, the whole church has this opportunity. The things we rely on are no longer there, or if they are, they are different.  We can’t rely on the things that carried us before, so we have to come before God and find Him fully for ourselves.  I feel that this week of prayer challenge is an invitation for the church to do this.  To really seek after Him and find all that He has for us.  I believe that as we embrace this as a church, we will come out the other side having found God more fully for ourselves and as a community. 

Charlie Graham, Prayer Challenge Co-Leader, January 2021