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Weekly Prayer Meeting Plan

By 20 October 2021No Comments

Worship – Good, Good Father


‘He says, “Be still, and know that I am God’ Psalm 46:10

Seek God, take a moment to be still in his presence quietly – we can so easily fill our time or even the quiet, rushing on to the next thing but take a moment to just be with God, to enjoy the rest he gives and know that he is God, he has everything in hand, he is here with us.


  • For young adults at King’s to grasp God’s heart for them and the world around them
  • For there to be a strong, real, deep and, open community among the young adults in King’s, one that draws others in and encourages and challenges each other in their faith
  • For more leaders to be raised up among young adults in all areas of church and life
  • For the current leaders (Nicola, Imogen and Sylvia), blessing, encouragement and provision from God in their lives


  • For God’s voice and spirit to be at the centre of all we put out on social media
  • For our social media to be a light in the darkness on social media, for it to be an encouragement, continuously pointing people to Jesus
  • For creativity for the team and for more people to be added to the team to bring diverse group voices and ideas to social media


  • For God’s rich blessing over those who have served God and his church so faithfully before and during the pandemic and, as we come out of it, that they would know God’s love and delight for them
  • For Paul and Ethan as they build the team and train up new members, that they will encounter God as they serve the church
  • For those who are joining the team, give thanks for those who are being trained up and the provision of already skilled workers – that it would be a joy and blessing for them to be in the team
  • For consistency week to week as they work through teething problems, for the technology to work and there not to be any problems that come out of the blue


  • For Rich H and Elizabeth leading the meeting, Stuart Reid preaching and Paul Gibbons leading the worship
  • For those leading and serving in King’s Kids and Youth, for God’s presence and work in those areas
  • For God’s presence to be tangible for all both in person and watching online, for God to be at work through chains being broken, prophetic words, meeting people where they are at and salvations
  • For the Hosting Team, that they will be encouraged as they serve, that they will feel blessed to be serving, and that they will be a blessing to all who come through the doors on Sunday morning.
  • For those visiting, both in-person and online, to meet with God, find community, and get connected in beyond the initial hello and welcome


  • Pray for yourself that you would be filled with the Holy Spirit and for God’s equipping and provision for the day, for you to be aware of what God wants to do through them today