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  • Nicola was talking on Peace on Sunday and I must admit I have felt the peace of our Lord through most of this year despite all that has been going on and  isolating myself more or less all the time.  I have been really blessed by the online services (I have been at them all – some by the skin of my teeth), and small group meetings as well as help by a very special friend, family and other friends and church family keeping in touch.  I must admit there have been days – usually dull ones – where I have not been so peaceful or motivated and I have become quite lazy and, at times, very lethargic.  I really have to push myself at times.

    However when Nicola mentioned the reading in John 14:27 on Peace it reminded me of a time when Eric and I were at a leaders meeting at The Centre and a young lady sitting next to me gave me that reading and it has stood me in good stead ever since.  So if you give a reading to, or have a word for, anybody you never know what impact it may have on that persons life so never be afraid to give it.   Jan (14 December 2020)

  • I wanted to ask you to pass on thanks – one family in particular,  ******* have been in to tell me how very much the support was appreciated and that it made such a difference to their summer.   (September 2020)
  • Hi thank you again for the food bags, they were very useful indeed.   (September 2020)
  • Thanks alot. M vry glad with all box’s and ur service and ur kids members. God protect you all.  You people help me in my vry tough time whn i was struggling with money matters. Thanks alot and. Plz rember me alwz in ur prayers as well. I vll never 4get ur kindness. Thanks from my side and from my kids too.  (September 2020)
  • Thank you for the delivery yesterday, and all the ones before, they have been such a help and my boys have loved the little extras that you put in. I would love to stay in touch and the boys would like to make a thank you card for you all.  Thank you again.  (September 2020)
  • Thank you for Halp food and sporting with card blessings, Please pray for my son as it’s on regular medications for onward, but it’s better then before,  Many thanks  (September 2020)

  • Thank you so much for the good quality goodies you brought us. It was served with dignity. So sorry I can’t greet you in person today. The gifts are a hit with the boys.  Thank you for your prayers.   (September 2020)
  • We the ****** want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the support  we got from the whole Kings Church  Team. We  really  appreciated  everything.  Words are not enough  to Express  our gratitude.  We will live to remember  this great relationship.  Once again  we say thank you.

    May the Almighty God  bless  and reward  you all. (September 2020)

  • We were meditating on Psalm 31 on Saturday morning and God revealed two things, one is that my own worst enemy is my mind which is sometimes looking on this period of restrictions as if I am in a dark place.  As I looked out of the window at night to see the moon and stars, and then the sun by day and all creation, I knew that His face shines on me and he saves me because of his unfailing love demonstrated through the cross.

    The second thing was that He gave me a word to give to a friend who is in a dark place at the present and when I shared it, it was confirmed as the same word given by another. Thank you Lord.  Joan Blunden (13 September 2020)

  • We were meditating on Psalm 31 on Saturday morning and God revealed two things, one is that my own worst enemy is my mind which is sometimes looking on this period of restrictions as if I am in a dark place.  As I looked out of the window at night to see the moon and stars, and then the sun by day and all creation, I knew that His face shines on me and he saves me because of his unfailing love demonstrated through the cross.

    The second thing was that He gave me a word to give to a friend who is in a dark place at the present and when I shared it, it was confirmed as the same word given by another. Thank you Lord.  Joan Blunden (13 September 2020)

  • Listening to John this morning I feel so excited and relieved. My heart has been yearning for much of what he says. I have seen it before. I am hungry. I had just recently returned my church survey and much of what I was trying to communicate is what John spoke about this morning. I am laughing out loud at how God was speaking.

    I will share just a couple of many stories from when God has already moved in England in the ways that John is speaking of. Many people are praying and moving in supernatural power. Showing the love and power of God whatever the beliefs of those we pray for. Healings are more common outside of the church than inside, when you try. It is so exciting.

    Once a few years ago I prayed for a spiritually seeking muslim lady who had needed to depend on God in difficult times. As I finished praying in a car park with my hand on her shoulder, she said with deep feeling “This is the same God!” In her seeking and sorrow she had known and connected with God, the one true God, and now was learning that I know His name to be Jesus. This day I shared the gospel with her and she heard my understanding of who this God is.

    A different lady on a different day was sat on a concrete block in the high street waiting for a taxi and when we asked whether she wanted us to pray for her she accepted but asked for the prayer to be for someone else. We did pray for the need she asked for, for the other person, but when I laid hands on her shoulder (with permission from her) to pray, it was her who got touched. She said my hand was boiling hot and shivering like leaf, but it wasn’t. That was the power of Holy Spirit touching her and we explained this to her. She experienced God that day. Something always happens when we pray in faith, in Christ, with a heart of love, whether we see an immediate visible outcome or not. God moves. He always comes through. And it isn’t our job to ‘finish the job’, or make someone accept Jesus. We just offer His kindness and His touch unconditionally and trust Him with the rest.

    It is having a right understanding of God and especially His love and the way He operates, that gives us the faith to step out and try these things. Then He moves and our faith grows and grows as we watch Him move.

    Holy Spirit come!  Zoe Dacre (6 September 2020)

  • Recently a friend shared a wonderful opportunity to do something amazing. However, even though the cost of this had been miraculously reduced, they saw that their family finances would not stretch. As I am following their story in God and seeing how He is growing them, I felt I should offer financial help. God had recently blessed me from someone in the USA so I felt it was a little like passing the blessing on. This was their reply, ” Should we wait and see what else God does in terms of providing the rest of the money before accepting your offer”? I wasn’t sure how to reply and said “I sow it as a seed and will wait to hear from you”.

    What an amazing, wonderful, good, good God we have. Two days later I received this message.
    “Hey Norma, You never guess what just happened…. someone, I don’t even know that was in the worship coach program I signed up to a few months ago, went and signed me up for the prophetic accelerator course, they paid for the whole thing !!! I wasn’t expecting that all!!!xxxx

    You see, Father God can bless us directly from Heaven, but sometimes He needs us to share what we have, even if it is as a seed to produce greater blessing. What we have is what we have been given. I had been given a blessing from the USA, it cost me nothing to pass that blessing on as a seed, that someone else would develop and grow into the gift to cover all the need. This was money, but our lives are full of other gifts. If we have money, even only a little, or possessions, there may be someone we can help. We have time, time to listen, show love to someone who needs, these are given to us to share, to support. A kind word, a smile, they cost us nothing in the vast wealth of our God and He multiplies it over and over again. We need to sow the seed that someone else can develop into the vast oak tree that will shelter, comfort, and feed the needy one.  Norma Brown (30 August 2020)

    I have now been physically healed during two zoom meetings. The first one was for my left knee. I had been having trouble with it for years due to a stiff clutch. Because of this, we made the move to an automatic car. However, my knee got steadily worse to the point that I was in constant pain and could no longer bend my knee.  I could no longer kneel to pray or sit comfortable on the floor.  As the prayer meeting was going on I placed my hand on my swollen knee, I kept telling myself I was imagining it as the swelling was going down. I was asked to stand and bend my knee, NO PAIN! I tried to kneel, there was like a lump in the back of my knee which was stopping me kneeling. They prayed again, I KNELT! By this time I was laughing aloud, all this on a ZOOM meeting. I kept giggling as words of healing were declared over me. The next day the group praying put it on their ‘community Facebook page’, ‘KNEE COMPLETELY HEALED’, my healing story was going out across the world, yet it was 9 days before I told anyone, I did not even tell my husband. I kept kneeling and laughing. I kept saying, “I don’t believe it, and giggling like a little child”. Then I began to tell people what had happened.  Norma Brown (20 August 2020)
  • My second physical healing was again during a zoom meeting. I went to the Online Prayer Team after the Sunday morning service and I asked for prayer for my back. I hurt it helping my husband and was wearing a support belt. I had a reaction to the pain tablets the GP gave me so had stopped taking them, paracetamol was not touching the pain and it was becoming unbearable and disabling. I had first-hand knowledge and a testimony to the fact that My God Heals, so I asked for prayer. Again My God Healed me. I had tried to persuade my husband to go for prayer but he declined. I went dancing into the living room, waving the support belt in my hand like a flag of victory! “You should have come for prayer, look what God had done”! He smiled sweetly at me. I pray for him and long to see him completely healed and the years that his sickness has robbed us of restored. HEALING! it is a mystery to me. BUT! I knot my God heals. We just need to give Him more opportunities to do it. I had had prayer before for my knee and my back. I have had lots of prayer for my lungs, I’m still waiting for that miracle. Prayer is there for us on a Sunday morning. Please come for prayer. Give our wonderful daddy God the chance to show us He heals. If not at first then come again and again. Push through into heaven and make your request known. Norma Brown (20 August 2020)
  • Rachel Mozley (18 August 2020)

  • During the 7.30 prayer meeting this morning Richard Lodge asked us ‘what do you love about God’ giving us a little time to contemplate this question. I don’t very often get pictures but I got a picture of my life BC before Christ and AD After Christ. The picture was literally labelled BC and AD Anno Domini. BC I saw a ball of string not neatly wound up but a complete tangle. Rather like the spaghetti you get behind the television when everything is plugged in and you can’t see which cable belongs to which console. AD After I was saved I watched the tangle slowly start to unwind and become less tangles and straighter as the years went on. That’s what I love about God he untangled me.  Liz Sawney (30 July 2020)
  • Mike Wilkinson (25 July 2020)

  • A friend gave me the present of a desk calendar a couple of years ago called ‘Jesus Calling’ and He does. So often when turning the pages to the date I’m in at the moment He speaks. Today it reads ‘I AM NEARER than you think, richly present in all your moments. You are connected to Me by Love-bonds that nothing can sever. However, you may sometimes feel alone…’ That was as far as I read because I immediately replied “I have never ever felt alone! I have always known you were there, always. Even in the darkest moments of depression and suicidal thoughts, I knew you were there. I knew there was never judgement in your heart because you love me so much. But I knew there was sadness and disappointment in your heart because I was not seeking your help, your comfort and your love. I felt too guilty, to full of shame to come to you and yet you longed so much that I would. You wooed me, you drew me back into your presence. You loved me, You love me”. Jesus took my guilt and shame on the cross and when the full truth of that hit me it was like cool refreshing water sprayed on my face. It made me smile. Again today with these words you have reminded me that you’re ALWAYS there, ALWAYS present, ALWAYS waiting for me to come. To come love you as you love me. Thank you daddy.  Norma Brown 27/07/2020

  • As I was waiting on Daddy God this morning I started to play worship on Spotify and I was drawn to a Kimberly & Alberto Rivera recording from 2014, a soaking album. As I listened I began thinking about worship and the many different forms it has taken over time.  Generation upon generation have worshipped and will continue to worship our wonderful, beautiful, amazing Jesus. The simple music moving around the voices blending in, Alleluia was all they sang, up and down, in and out, high, low, loud, a whisper, it began to draw worship out of the depths of my heart, my innermost being, my spirit. Everything in me began to ebb and flow with the worship.

    Quite when it happened I don’t know but I realised I was no longer waiting for daddy God, but that I had drifted into the very presence of God, I had entered into the throne room and His ever open arms were suddenly closed around me. These times take my breath away. All He desires of us is our hearts of worship, our love, our adoration. When we give Him all this, He is faithful and gives back to us everything we need, pray for and desire, that is right and good. To bless us and to give us strength for the day.

    I encourage you to continue spending time in His presence, as lockdown and isolation is lifted, don’t be too quick to ‘get back out there’, don’t lose relationship with daddy God in the busyness of life’s return.  The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you Peace. Amen.  Norma Brown (25 June 2020)

  • I’m finding it really easy to tell people about what King’s are offering at this time. Sadly, no one so far appears to have taken me up on my suggestion of going online, but I do feel that after lock down I’m going to feel more able to continue sharing about my faith. I’m so proud of the standard of our online service which of course makes it easy to invite people.

    I loved all the encouraging videos on 31 May. I agreed with the small group leaders that I feel very much part of my virtual small group and to this end am desperately trying to encourage a friend of mine who attends King’s to join a group herself. I couldn’t agree more with Lucy’s testament about BIOY. I can’t believe I’m still keeping up, but as she said, it’s just a habit now. It’s so helping my understanding of the NT, I just love it!  Anonymous (9 June 2020)

  • Well make your own minds up but Christine and myself gave money to the generosity giving for Kings church last week and hey presto we received the same amount a few days later on the premium bonds so yes, GOD works in our lives for the good of others.  Denis Oxby (28 May 2020)

  • I found out some weeks back that one of my colleagues from The Wycombe Swan Theatre was in the Intensive Care Unit at Stoke and had been since the end of March with Coronavirus.  (That was a shock to actually find out you KNOW someone who has it and is very ill with it). I thanked the Lord that l was able to contact the management and staff at The Swan and get messages via cards through to my colleague in ICU! That was amazing and l believe God put me in place to encourage him. The cards were read out to him over and over by the nursing staff. I am pleased to report he is now out of ICU and sitting up in a chair and well enough at times to WhatsApp his family and colleagues! (Thank you to my Small Group who prayed for him and will keep on doing so.)  

    We held a VE DAY Distanced Party on the large green at Jackson Court for residents to sit at their doors or spread themselves at Distance at 2 m apart! Those who came really enjoyed themselves and although we thought it would just be 2 or 3 hours in the sunshine, everyone stayed out for nearly 5 hours! The Police drew up in a van to check we were keeping to the rules and they were so impressed that the back of the van opened and two more back up Police got out to talk to us all and wish us a good afternoon! The No 31 Bus route to Penn goes past Jackson Court and hourly the drivers would toot us and slow the bus down and wave, on the last bus through there were no passengers so the driver stopped his bus, wound down the window to talk to us and say our party had made his day!

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    I started baking with a lady who lives near me in Jackson Court in Hazlemere near the beginning of lockdown and we have gradually grown to a team of four, with a fifth about to join.  Janie, from King’s, is part of the team and has been turning out amazing scones and flapjacks! We are now sending over 250 items in a day to each hospital and the NHS are loving it!  The cakes are distributed around the wards, even a patient or two enjoyed the Easter egg nests and cakes we sent in! We have had fun with ‘special occasions’… Easter, VE Day and so on. We used VE Day wafers with pictures of Churchill and flags etc and they went down SO well! l have been told by our nurse that it is SO appreciated by everyone at the hospitals, it particularly helps those staff nursing the most poorly patients in ICU … they are working in full PPE in high temperatures so when their breaks come, they strip off to scrubs (which are soaked) and enjoy a treat we have sent in!  This Saturday (30 May) we are organising a Fundraiser Table at Jackson Court in Hazlemere, 10am – 4pm. Plants, homemade produce (safely individually wrapped) and new items that have been donated will be placed on the extremely long table AT DISTANCE to raise enough to keep going with the baking for another month.  

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    Praise God, He is working things together for good in small ways as well as big ways during this Pandemic. At times it has been tough but l can see God working, l pray every day as l go about doing what l need to do and l am so thankful He has given me things l can do! Stay safe folks and hope to see you soon as the Lockdown (Lockup) is slowly but eventually lifted!  Cathy Reevell (28 May 2020)

  • During the evening Zoom prayer meeting on 21st May, Richard gave the group time to listen to what the Lord might be saying to us. The words ‘new places’ came to me. I believe that during this time confined at home, our Father is taking us to new places, new places deep within ourselves, where we will commune with God in a new, deeper way than we’ve ever experienced before. God will use this time to speak to us, change us, free us and touch our hearts with a deeper love for others, especially for the lost.  When we are able to leave our homes again, He intends to take us to new places beyond ourselves, beyond what we have been comfortable with before, as we begin to be more outward-looking to the poor and needy.  Heather Saunders (23 May 2020)

  • Our Father has revealed to me this week, the importance of community. The strength and power that is in our relationship with Him and each other, the Power of His Love.  This morning he said ‘You are Loved’, and I knew this message was for us all… ‘You are Loved’.  Neil Smithers (3 May 2020)

  • I now realise over the last 5 years how far I had drifted from God. For the 6 months preceding lockdown I had been suffering from melancholy, a word I prefer to depression. With lockdown I was forced to reassess how I used my time. I had opted to do BIOY since January, but it was something to be done on my ticklist, sometimes feeling another chore and a pressure not to fall behind. I had tried reading the Bible in a year before, but had always given up after about 3 months doing it off my own bat without the help of a reading plan. It takes time each day, a good hour to do it properly, so I resolved to get up at 5.30 to spend time while the house was quiet. Nicky Gumbel’s notes are brilliant and I would urge anyone to start doing Bible in One Year. Putting God back where he should be,-number one – has been fantastic. My melancholy has dissipated, I have energy and creativity back, which I have known previously in my life, but like the children of Israel, forget and let slip away from, so it is my intention with God’s help to keep him number one in what will be the new normal going forward.  One unexpected outcome was in my prayer life, which i will admit is something I still struggle to do often enough. I had thought for many years, and maybe I had to a degree was that I had the ability to pray in a personal tongue. However a couple of weeks ago at the Thursday morning Prayer Meeting, when we were invited to pray in tongues, something wonderful happened, I experienced a new height/depth whereby language flowed that was not anything to do with my thought input, it was not contrived, or generated by me in any way. It just flowed and continued to surprise me, and it wasn’t just a one off, but has continued ever since. Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you are so so good. “Twix” (2 May 2020)

  • I am part of a group who pray for Wycombe & Outlaying villages every 1st Saturday of the month from 6 till 9 am. So as I entered in this morning I combined it with my time in King’s 24/7 prayer. As I did I looked at the areas covered in prayer, how they overlapped & I thought “how could our homes, churches, villages & town not be blessed”? So many prayers, so many petitions. The cloud of prayer is thickening, white with purity & holiness. A layer of devine intervention, the very hand of God covering & protecting. This is our God! His love poured out and it has no end… full and Rich. Everything is in Him and He pours it out on us, why? Because He loves us, His love never changes, His love will always be there. May we each be aware of the Love of Jesus that takes away our sin and the sins of the world and releases salvation for all. AMEN! Norma Brown (2 May 2020)

  • God does answer our prayers !   I have been praying for more opportunities to share the word with anyone I meet in particular when I go to the park. So when we started our 24/7 prayer week, I prayed even more about this and this morning during my prayer walk in the park I met this couple and stopped to talk to them. I said that I was actually praying as well so he said that was great actually he went to an Alpha course.  I asked him if he enjoyed it and if his questions were answered. He wasn’t too convinced so I invited them to attend our online Alpha courses and sent them the link. We had a good chat and I also encouraged them to watch our online Sunday service too. Praise God! He does listen to us and answer our prayers.   And tonight I also sent the Alpha link to a friend. Kattia Amankwa (1 May 2020)

  • I did my first 1 hour prayer session on my own out loud. God wants my heart to continue to warm towards others and is happy with the progress I have made.  Craig Janes (30 April 2020)

  • Ella and I enjoyed our hour of prayer yesterday.  The insight Ella got was ‘God is much bigger than everything’.   Zoe Dacre (30 April 2020)

  • Recently I have felt a bit vulnerable and down about the current situation and a feeling of being trapped by the lockdown and no way out. But in the last day or two that has changed. Yes, we are still restricted in our ability to go about, meet people and do the things we have been used to. An unseen minute thing has brought this about – but God is greater, he has us in the palm of His hand, He is with us and for us, we wait for Him to act in such a way that will bring glory to His name and the world will see His greatness.  Andrew Green (30 April 2020)

  • I woke around 3:15 am on Tue, April 28. As I waited for the time I had booked to enter into the 24/7 prayer room I listened to a young man via a podcast. Excitement filled my spirit as I was hearing again the things I had heard myself from GOD about consecration.

    When finally my time came to pray, I heard the Spirit say “why did you wait? Don’t be restricted by the time you booked me into your day. I’m here always”.
    As I began to enter into worship I thought how amazing that I was not alone, that others were also worshipping & praying at this time. I felt energised as though my prayers were bigger, more powerful because they were joining the prayers of others. There is such an incredible sense of unity knowing that time set aside in this way is precious to Jesus. That if I do enter in at any time day or night over the next week(s), I will be joining others and the bible says; ‘Matthew 18:20; Where two or three are gathered in My name, I Am there in the midst them.’  Thank you daddy God for being here with me. Amen.  Norma Brown (28 April 2020)

  • After my prayer slot today as I was listening for him to speak to me I felt he said to me “This is a safe place- you are in a safe place- stay there.”

    I don’t believe he meant my house but meant the safe place is close to Jesus beside Jesus.  God Bless you all  Liz Sawney (27 April 2020)

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  • My husband & I have been in total lock-down for over 4wks now.  Negatives:  1: Not being able to cuddle our new grandson, we had just begun looking after him 3 afternoons a week when his parents decided it was too risky for us.  2: No outings for coffee & cake.  3: can’t see my best friend!  Positives:  1: I can wear anything as no one will see me. Don’t need to fuss about hair.  2: See & speak to children & families every weekday.   3: Well I could go on because the positives; far outweigh the negatives; for me personally. However the greatest positive for me is!!! Awareness of revelation that in it all & through it all daddy God never fails never gives up & will never walk out on me. Such is His love for me. Many of us will be receiving little miracles without even noticing them. Many will be active parts of other miracles, without knowing it. Others like me will know the miracle, mine was healing of a severe scald that should have taken me to A&E, put me out of action for weeks. I shared for prayer (after sitting for almost 4 hours in cool water) and within 10 minutes the intense pain went, the swelling in my ring finger went down & now 4 days later the broken skin is healed & blistering gone. I keep looking at my hand with a silly grin on my face almost in unbelief that my wonderful daddy God would do this for me! Love him soo much. Holy Spirit has highlighted the Precious Blood of the Lamb & the power of declaration.  Almost everything I read, hear or watch is alive with Holy Spirit revelation & presence. We are in times like never before & greater things are yet to come!!!  Norma Brown (14 April 2020)

  • I have felt God sitting on my shoulder during the last 5 years since losing my dear wife Janet. No blinding revelations, but ideas and thoughts presented to me. 3 weeks ago was a good example. I was driving out of High Wycombe and the thought came into my head to try Aldi and Lidl for toilet rolls and kitchen rolls. I had also thought previously that I must get Manuka honey in case I get sick. I bought tissues from Aldi and as I walked into Lidl there right in front of me were two boxes of Manuka and just around the corner toilet rolls and kitchen rolls. This was not my doing. I found today’s Service so emotionally moving and meaningful and powerful. I must say a huge thank you to EVERYONE who contributed. God Bless you all.  Bill Hester (12 April 2020)

  • God is working through your ministry in a way that doesn’t seem to be available to many other churches. I have enjoyed the last three weekly on-line services and I am sure that many, those already associated with KCHW and others who have somehow found your recorded messages, are being blessed and also being brought closer to Christ.  You can be sure I’ll keep checking in each week for your next one.  Ron Evans (5 April 2020)

  • Bekki Lamb (3 April 2020)

  • One of my jobs has been working for One Can Foodbank every Tuesday morning and I am now classed as an essential worker doing that job.  Last week was a full 3 days and this week 2. It is incredibly busy as referrals have gone through the roof because of all sorts of reasons to do with COVID-19.  I intent to continue with this work for as long as I can.  I travel to and from work by bus and combine shopping with the job so I am out as little as possible.  Please keep donating to foodbanks in your supermarket or by donating money, as it’s is so badly needed.  We have good stocks at the moment but will need to sustain those stocks.  So many local businesses gave their food stock to us when they were forced to close.  I am also an emergency person to call on for several roads around me, when prescriptions or shopping is needed by locals when isolating, can be busy.  God is opening up new contacts there and good friendships are being formed!  Also God has opened a door for me for cakemaking for NHS staff at both Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe Hospitals.  A neighbour and I spend two days baking and sent two huge deliveries of cakes and scones, biscuits and handcreams out to the hospitals.  We hope to make this a weekly event but ingredients are scarce sometimes and we may struggle.  Also the neighbour and I are on limited incomes so we shall see!  I need to source some large flat boxes for cakes and scones that we can safely send into hospital too, that can be cleaned properly….that is my project today!  Please pray for us in this project because we both feel it is very worthwhile and the nurses and doctors are so appreciative!  So I may have lost my job in theatre at the moment – which I have been assured I will get back when the Wycombe Swan reopens – but God has opened up a new world to me which I am so happy with as long as I can stay well and pace myself through each week!  Praise the Lord – he is good!  Amen!  Stay safe everyone.  God Bless.  Cathy Revell (2 April 2020)

  • I have been struggling with having a mother of 92 living alone on the North Norfolk coast and being unable to visit and support in the way I would like to. However my prayers have been answered by her next door neighbour who is a Christian and has taken responsibility for her shopping and overseeing her welfare. I cannot tell how grateful I am to God for this wonderful lady who is willing to help. God is working powerfully in our communities I am seeing stories that are amazing. I was so pleased to part of my road clapping for our health professionals on Thursday it was a special moment. Stay safe brothers and sisters in Christ.  Liz Sawney (28 March 2020)

  • Last night during the prayer meeting, Richard asked us to feel what it was like to be in God’s hands.  As I closed my eyes I felt I was resting upon God’s chest. He was so close it was like I could feel the hairs on my face moving as He breathed on me.  Just what I had been praying for after going through a difficult time. Bekki Lamb (27 March 2020)

  • I was praying for my Dad, struggling with my Mum being in a Nursing Home, no longer able to visit, now having to stay home alone for his safety. And I received a text from one of his neighbours asking how he was. We were in a bible study group when our children were babies(20 years ago) God heard my cries and provided the perfect person to respond.  Linda Raddon (25 March 2020)

  • Our homegroup is being amazing. All supporting each other with prayer, food and fun. Even had a pastoral visit today! Well sort of. Home group leader out for a run, pausing to shout hi and wave.  What am amazing church family we have.  Sending love and blessings to you all.  Heather and Andrew Green  (24 March 2020)

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  • Someone who I love, who is on my BLESS list, lived away from me. I have prayed for them over the years – asking God to give them good Christian friends to support them in life and reveal Jesus to them. This week they revealed to me that a good friend they’ve had for years is a Christian and they’ve recently read bible verses together and shared times of prayer ❤️  Zoe Dacre  (24 March 2020)

  • I put a letter through my neighbours doors around me telling them not to feel alone in this very difficult time we are living through. I said that I am a Christian and I believe that God is good. I added that it may an odd concept to some but that I was willing and available to pray for any needs that they had. I had retired and had the time to pray.   I also added that I was adopting the War time spirit and propagating many seeds and would probably be able to feed the whole road when they grew.   I put out ten of these to the closet of my neighbours around me and began receiving texts and WhatsApp messages immediately saying thank you and the contact really helped. From there within a day a Talbot Avenue WhatsApp group has sprung up a with almost the whole road joining and encouraging each other. Someone posted up a picture of a rainbow over Talbot Avenue and from that people found other instances of rainbows over Downley. I was able to remind the group that in the bible the rainbow was a sign of Gods continuing provision for us.  Interesting times. God Bless you all. Liz Sawney (23 March 2020)

  • I went up for prayer at the end of a meeting, as I was feeling overwhelmed by supporting my parents. The person who prayed with me felt God say “I am also concerned for them, and I am their Father too”.  Linda Raddon (February 2020)

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