Life giving rhythms for followers of Jesus.

We are living in tumultuous times that need a church that shines brightly with the light and love of Jesus. When the church prays, lives and circumstances are changed… towns and nations are changed.  So let’s come together over these 40 days to meet with God, seek His direction and pray for His favour upon us and the community in which we serve.

Daily Bible readings and devotionals will take us through the discipleship rhythms, and each day we will pray together that God will move in our lives, church and town. Booklet coming soon.

Daily Prayer Points are below.

Daily Devotionals

Each Wednesday of the 40 days, 8–9:30pm at King’s.

14 June: Evening Celebration
21 June: Evening Celebration (with Phil Wilthew)
28 June: Evening Celebration
5 July: Evening Celebration (with Joe Macnamara)
12 July: Evening Celebration (with Wendy Mann)
19 July: Evening Celebration

It’s powerful when God’s people pray and fast. Each Wednesday, we are fasting as a church.

Find Out More.

Join us each Wednesday morning, 7–7:45am on Zoom. Find meeting details in ChurchSuite or  join the mailing list

Book an hour in the Prayer Room at King’s. Open Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm. One person to sign up at a time, but you are welcome to invite and bring others with you if you wish.  


Ministries serving different generations

King’s Kids

Continued strength and healing for Ben, our children’s worker

Team to be strengthened, encouraged and refreshed and for the children to be filled powerfully with the Holy Spirit and have a lifelong love of the Bible.

King’s Youth

Prayer to be embedded deeply in the young people, and for answers to long-term prayer requests.

Unshakeable confidence in scripture to be foundational to the beliefs and actions of our young people. 

Students & Young Adults

Lives devoted unashamedly for Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit.


(Powerhouse is our new ministry for those in or close to retirement age.)

The new leadership team to gel and be filled with God’s wisdom and enthusiasm

A strong start to this new ministry: for fruitfulness and refreshment of all generations


Our outreach ministries

Salvations in each ministry…

King’s Table

The leadership team to have fresh energy for the next phase of fruitfulness in showing Jesus’ love and power to those trapped in addictions and homelessness

Little Stars

A move of the Holy Spirit’s power at every meeting: healings, and answered prayer

Learning English

The leadership team to know how best to strengthen and develop this vital ministry


A new Managing Director to be appointed and to be filled with wisdom and power


A revitalised team of befrienders to get alongside CAP clients to signpost them into the life of local churches


Our small groups

Our leaders to be energised and encouraged by the Holy Spirit

A new wave of innovation to reach more people and build them into community with Jesus and one another

New people to find community with other believers and establish enduring and encouraging relationships

The Holy Spirit to move in power, joy and transformation every time groups meet

Upcoming Sunday Meetings

For Rich H & Elizabeth leading the meetings, John preaching and Jen and the band leading the worship.

For all those serving this Sunday.

Powerful healings, salvations and deliverance at our Sunday morning meetings.

Cry out that we as a church would fall more in love with Jesus, to become eternally grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and our corporate Sunday meetings would be filled with even more of the Holy Spirit’s joy, power, encouragement and love. 


Overseas mission

King’s Church Kathmandu

The new building would be completed for Jesus’ glory and rapid evangelistic growth of the church

South Sudan

A rapid spread of the Gospel and growth of new local churches through the distribution of bible translations in native languages

Middle East

The leadership couple we support to experience revitalised peace, refreshment and renewed evangelistic fervour to reach out and develop local church leaders

Mission Team

Encouragement, energy, protection and peace as they innovate new ways for us to develop and release people into overseas mission


Power of the Holy Spirit in the church

A fresh wave of the Holy Spirit in the church releasing supernatural gifts of power and deepened love for Jesus

Greater boldness to use the Spirit’s supernatural gifts for Jesus’ glory

We would experience so much healing that non-believers would specifically come to King’s to be healed and set free

Sharper prophetic insights for our strategic direction, but also to see more people delivered and set free


Town and nation

Our town

That we would have immense favour with the authorities and the people in our town to share the Gospel with increased fruitfulness

The government

An upsurge of righteousness in those who govern us, and an irrepressible wave of salvations amongst senior politicians and civil servants

The UK (or another nation on your heart)

A supernatural gift of renewed openness amongst people to listen to the Gospel and receive eternal salvation.


Leadership and staff teams

Unity of vision in our leadership and staff teams to spread the Gospel to our town and the nations

A refreshed love for Jesus and one another

Powerful baptisms and fillings of the Holy Spirit in our teams

All we do would be rooted in a love for Jesus and in the power of God’s joy


Promises of God for the church

Key prophetic words

“Convergence of rich and poor”

Increased evangelistic potency and fruitfulness to see breakthrough as we create a harmonious, Spirit-filled community with people from the two extremes of society – rich and poor.

“Many people in this place”

The Spirit would make us bolder in speaking about Jesus’ love, so we see an unstoppable harvest of salvation amongst our colleagues, friends, neighbours and relatives in our town.


“Diverse church”

Thank Jesus for the sovereign gift of being an intergenerational church of many nations. Pray that God would further bless, enrich and deepen our unity and diversity: ethnic, racial, generational, socio-economic.

“Of thousands”

Pray for growth, that many would be saved and come to know Jesus, baptised in water and drenched in the Holy Spirit.

“Surrounds and saturates”

That our acts of love, kindness and witnessing would increase everywhere we go so people in our town feel surrounded by the immense love of Jesus.


Those who are struggling financially, inside and outside the church, would experience God’s supernatural provision and peace.

We would become increasingly generous, personally and corporately, in seeing and meeting the genuine needs of others in our church, our town, the nation and overseas.



Find out about BLESS here.

Pray for each person on your BLESS list

The Holy Spirit to provoke them to increased openness to hearing about Jesus.
More opportunities to serve them and listen to them.
Boldness so we speak confidently and truthfully about Jesus’s love and invite people to church groups, meetings and events.
A wave of salvation amongst those on our BLESS lists.
Many would be added to local churches and live lives devoted to Jesus.


Church as Family

Thank Jesus for our diversity. Pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint us with a profound love for one another, and mutual appreciation and unity through our diversity.

Each part of the church would find its place of fruitful and fulfilling service of Jesus and others as we unite in our mission of reaching out and loving one another.

Each part of Jesus’ body would find a place of belonging to others.

The church would be rich in relationships providing supernatural love and support.

Supernatural healing and encouragement for those who are sick.

God to show you someone new whom you could serve and demonstrate Jesus’ love to.

Upcoming Sunday Meetings

For Nicola & Seyi leading the meetings, Neil preaching and those leading the worship.

For all those serving this Sunday.

Powerful healings, salvations and deliverance at our Sunday morning meetings.

Cry out that we as a church would fall more in love with Jesus, to become eternally grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and our corporate Sunday meetings would be filled with even more of the Holy Spirit’s joy, power, encouragement and love.