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Prayer Meetings

Every Thursday
7:30am & 8pm

Due to security, we need everyone to sign up IN ADVANCE of this meeting, but you will only have to do this once.  

If you can’t make the meeting times, or you would rather pray through the prayer points on your own…


BLESSing our town with prayer this Summer


First and foremost, an act of worship to God.

We’re starting a new rhythm of fasting together as a church on the first Thursday of each month.



Keep it simple, Keep it real, Keep it up

Message Board

A space to share, and be encouraged by, all that God is saying to us.


Things to pray for each day of the week… for the church, our town and the nations.





  • King’s Church:
    • Finances: we would experience God’s abundant provision as a church, and that we would be generous to one another, our town, and the church overseas.
    • Our worship and technical teams: thank God for their servant heartedness and giftedness.  Pray for increased resources, the development of new and existing talent within these groups, and refreshed creativity, all based on a profound love for Jesus.
    • Leadership: we would raise highly gifted leaders of integrity, full of the Holy Spirit, passionately following Jesus at all levels of leadership in the church. Pray we would have more leaders than we need!
    • That our mental, physical, and spiritual health would be strong during this health crisis.
    • That those experiencing loss and bereavement would be powerfully comforted and restored by the Holy Spirit and the encouragement of others.
  • A genuine and increasing appreciation of our closeness to Jesus, and of God’s WordOUR TOWN
  • King’s Table (our ministry to the homeless and those with life-controlling addictions):
    • Pray for the team: wisdom, unity, inspiration, a love for Jesus.
    • Next steps: that we would put in place discipleship steps that help people out of addictions, and into a vibrant and lifelong relationship with Jesus.
    • Safety for our guests, peace every time we meet, an openness to the Holy Spirit, and miraculous healings.
  • The Police: would be wise, righteous and efficient. King’s would have great relationships with the Police.
  • Our NHS: thank God for our health service. Pray for those you know who work in it, and for God’s blessing and protection for them.


  • Pray for the nation where you were born, that it would be transformed by the Gospel at every level of society: its government, its laws, its police, its education system and policies, its family structures, the church. 
  • Pray for revival for your home nation, and many, many would be joyfully saved and conformed into the likeness of Jesus.



  • The UK church would be a beacon of righteousness, love for the poor, support for the bereaved, and wisdom for the wounded, both during and after the coronavirus crisis.
  • King’s Small Groups:
    • Small group and cluster leaders would know God’s presence and they would be filled with the Holy Spirit as they lead.
    • They would be a place of community and support and powerful encounter with God. We would hear testimonies of answered prayer, healings: physical, emotional, and psychological.
    • A move of the Spirit in words of knowledge, encouragement, and acts of kindness within the groups.
  • Alpha Online at King’s:
    • a great sign-up from those outside the church.
    • A strong launch this coming Wednesday for the 10am and 8pm courses.
    • Enduring relationships to be established, lots of people saved and baptised in the Holy Spirit.
    • Energy, enthusiasm and encouragement for Rich Horne and the leadership team.


  • Azalea (our brand-new ministry to women caught up in commercial sexual exploitation).
    • Pray for salvation among the women in Wycombe who are caught in commercial sexual exploitation – that they would encounter Jesus and have a revelation of His love for them.
    • Pray for protection for these women from physical abuse and sickness in this particularly dangerous time.
    • Pray for the initial stages of this work, especially that God will guide us and Azalea’s Luton headquarters, and show us how best to use our time as we seek to establish Azalea High Wycombe during lockdown.
    • Pray for favour with local external agencies including the Council, police, and One Recovery Bucks, and that we can build well on the relationships and discussions that have already been started.
    • Pray that God would stir up compassion in His church, and would draw people from across Wycombe to be part of a team to be His hands and feet – to reach out, cook, bake, clean, do admin and social media, fundraise… and to pray!


  • The UK:
    • We would have outstandingly high calibre politicians of integrity, righteousness, and servant heartedness.
    • Salvations at the highest levels of government, the civil service and parliament.
  • Europe:
    • There would be strong mutual respect and co-operation between all nations after Brexit.
    • The church would grow in every European nation in this decade.



  • Local churches:
    • Great co-operation between the churches in High Wycombe on initiatives that will foster mutual unity, appreciation, and affection.
    • Select two or three other churches in High Wycombe and pray for their well-being, growth, witness to non-believers and leadership teams.
  • King’s Kids (birth to 11-year olds):
    • For those called to lead children in any way, to be filled with the joy of the Lord and pass this joy on to the children.
    • For lots of fun, happiness, and playfulness amongst our children and teams.
    • For our children to meet Jesus when we meet in our Big Group, small groups, and when they are at home and on their own.
    • Year 6s (10- and 11-year olds) to grow together as they meet in their virtual small group, and to know God’s encouragement and presence as they move into King’s Youth and Secondary School in September.
    • For Holy Spirit boldness to be seen in all our children.
    • For God’s power, God’s love, and God’s right ways of thinking to amaze, attract and allow those around our children to encounter God.
    • Our children would know, cherish, and live according to God’s Word.


  • One Can Foodbank (cross-church foodbank):
    • Would have ample supplies of food to feed the hungry.
    • Wisdom for the leadership how to target the delivery of food to the needy.
    • That Jesus would be glorified, experienced, and appreciated through the work of One Can.
    • Strong connections with other agencies such as the local Council, Wycombe Homeless Connection.
  • Wycombe Homeless Connection (cross-church charity supporting the homeless):
    • Continued strong connections with the street homeless and trusting relationships to be established.
    • Wisdom for the leadership and team to help people into long-term, sustained housing.
    • Great relationships with the churches and other agencies such as local council, housing associations.


  • The UK:
    • A refreshed openness to the Gospel and revival in our nation.
    • A wave of divine healing across our nation that glorifies Jesus.
    • Lockdown to be as short but as effective as possible with many lives saved.
    • The church to be central in bringing healing in grief and bereavement. Christian church leaders to be influential in responding to practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the nation.
  • King’s Church in Kathmandu, Nepal:
    • That they would be able to acquire land and a new building to accommodate a new phase of growth.
    • Wisdom for the leaders leading the people through the lockdown.
    • The lord to provide materially for those whose income has been decimated by the virus.
    • Righteous government for Nepal with leaders who have integrity in serving the nation above their own self-interests.
  • Pray for one or two other nations in Asia for a new openness to the Gospel and many saved.



  • King’s Youth (11- to 18-year olds):
    • The young people of King’s Church would seek and experience a major upgrade in their current prayer lives.
    • Our worship and prayer times together would see fear and anxiety melt away in our young people.
    • Our young people would share, prophesy, and pray powerfully, confidently and with anointing in our meetings together.
    • To see growth in our numbers fuelled by a deep-felt passion of the young people to invite their friends to encounter Jesus.
    • That our youth would personally encounter Jesus frequently, powerfully and in life-changing ways.
  • FOCUS (our group for over 55s):
    • Our older members would experience a refreshed passion to pray, encounter God, support one another and powerfully practise spiritual gifts.
    • The wider church would imbibe the faithfulness and wisdom which our older members embody and exemplify.


  • Our Local Council:
    • We would have the best-run local council in the UK.
    • The change to a unitary authority in May would yield positive change, enhanced co-operation and mutual appreciation across political parties, departments and the previously-separate authorities.
    • Appreciation across the council for the churches’ ability to bring wisdom, support and services that are life-changing and positive.
    • Desborough Road Car Park redevelopment: for God’s will to be done.
    • King’s Church would build strong and positive relationships with the Local Council.
  • Transforming Lives for Good (this is a new mentoring programme for secondary school children, and we are considering how best to connect with this initiative):
    • Please pray that we have strong connections with local schools, good rapport with key decision makers, and we would be a blessing to local schools by demonstrating the love and wisdom of Jesus.
    • Pray that many would come into a lifelong relationship with Jesus through this.
    • Please pray that we would get our early planning right.


  • Sudan:
    • Peace within a nation divided by tribal conflict, and north/south schisms.
    • Publishing of the gospels in native languages to prosper with no hold-ups, and for them to be distributed safely and swiftly to the people.
    • Openness of the people to receive the gospels in their own language with many saved and lives transformed.
    • Health and safety for the couple we support leading this work.
    • Wisdom for this couple in leading the bible translation team.
  • Pray for one or two other nations in Africa for a new openness to the Gospel and many saved.



  • Increased co-operation and mutual respect across the different church denominations in the UK.
  • Churches in the UK would see a new spurt in growth through online church, and once lockdown is ended.
  • That all King’s Church’s Sunday meetings would grow in 2020: 0930, 1030 and 1130 through new people coming, and a wave of salvations and baptisms.
    • Pray for King’s Church’s staff and leaders: wisdom, spirit empowerment and increased closeness to Jesus. wider church would imbibe the faithfulness and wisdom which our older members embody and exemplify.


  • CAP: as a result of the current lockdown restrictions, CAP have launched an online non-face-to-face debt service for those clients who are already in the system. CAP have also temporarily stopped taking referrals during lockdown.
    • Pray that our debt coaches quickly get to grips with the new process and can deliver an effective service.
    • Pray the new debt service works well and CAP can make a decision to start taking new clients soon.
    • Despite not meeting clients face-to-face, please pray there would still be opportunities to share the gospel and see salvation even during this isolation and lockdown.
    • Pray our clients are kept safe. Pray especially for their mental health. Pray they would be open to receiving the truth that God loves them and really does care for them.
    • Pray God continues to pour out His Holy Spirit on CAP’s leadership team.  Pray CAP’s ministry would continue to be Christ-centred.


  • The UK:
    • Our media (newspapers, TV, radio, online) would pursue honesty, integrity, truth, and they would be gracious and grace-filled.
    • Highly gifted Christians would rise to influence in our media and arts.
    • Our media would have a refreshed respect for biblical principles on relationships, family, friendships, and moral integrity.
    • The Middle East:
    • Wisdom for the couple we support living in the Middle East as they lead all the other teams in the Middle East during this lockdown.
    • The Lord to meet, lead, encourage and speak with this couple during this lockdown.
    • Healing and protracted good health for the couple.
    • Favour with the people they live amongst.
  • Pray for one or two nations in the Middle East for a new openness to the Gospel, and many saved



  • King’s Church:
    • BLESS:
      • Pray for those on your BLESS list that God would give you fresh opportunities to listen, serve, share your stories.
      • A new openness for those on your BLESS list to the Gospel.
      • A wave of salvation for those on our BLESS lists.
      • Genuine experiences of God’s love, concern, closeness, and care for those on our BLESS list.
      • Many on our BLESS lists to join us at our online Sunday meetings, and then to come in person after lockdown.
    • A major move of the Holy Spirit at King’s:
      • We would experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit with a refreshed passion for Jesus, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit.
      • A blessing of abundance in spiritual gifts like prophecy, healing, tongues, intercession, love for one another, generosity, serving, leadership.


  • Little Stars (parents, carers and toddlers group):
    • Pray for the team as we are starting online Little Stars – we are planning bible stories and songs, pray that we would come up with other creative ideas.
    • Pray for the families who would usually attend Little Stars that they would connect in with the online group and that they would be drawn into our King’s community.
    • Pray that many of the Little Stars parents would watch King’s Kids, join in with Alpha and connect into our Zoom bible study/encouragement group.
    • Pray that during this time their hearts would be opened to finding out more about Jesus, and that they would take some next steps to finding out about Him.
    • Pray for the families that are struggling right now that God will be near to them and will help them in times of difficulty.


  • The UK:
    • Our legislation would be based on Biblical wisdom and compassion.
    • Our PM: to govern with insight, compassion, and skill.
    • Complete healing for our PM and his salvation.
    • Unity in Parliament within parties and across parties.
    • Christians to set healthy cultures within Parliament and within their parties.
    • Christians to rise to positions of influence to shape policy on the family, society, and the poor.
  • Our missions team:
    • We would gain an enlarged and emboldened heart for mission overseas, both in unreached nations and those much closer to us.



  • Students and young adults:
    • For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit among Bucks New University students. That God would meet students in their questions, fears and worries, as they study and move home earlier than planned.
    • For those students who will be graduating this year. That they would find joy and celebration as they finish university in a very different way from what they had imagined, and for God’s peace and knowledge of His hand over their lives as deadlines and projects come up soon.
    • For young adults and students to be filled with the Holy Spirit and hold tightly to the hope we have in Jesus in a time of uncertainty and change.
    • For all young adults and students to find real community in our small groups and in the wider King’s family.
    • For the young adults leaders: God’s blessing, encouragement, and creativity as they lead.
  • Our courses:
    • Parenting, ESL (English as a Second Language), Marriage, CAP Money, Bereavement Courses would reach people both inside and outside the church and equip them for a fruitful life.
    • They would facilitate wholesome, enduring relationships which signpost people to Jesus’ salvation


  • Our neighbours:
    • Pray for the neighbours on your road: that God would lead you to serve them, and He would help you to love those who may be more challenging.
    • That your neighbours would increasingly ask you about God and your faith.
    • Pray for those on your BLESS list: openness, salvation, and favour.
  • Our Muslim neighbours, colleagues, and friends.
    • God would give us profound love, respect, and relationships with Muslims.
    • Muslim believers would encounter Jesus through us, our outreach, the church and through dreams, healings, and signs/wonders.


  • The USA:
    • It would again experience revival and the emergence of government respectful of its Judeo-Christian foundations.
    • Pray for the Democratic and Republican Parties, and that Christians of character and high calibre would shape policy and legislation in both parties.
    • Positive and righteous relationships between the USA and UK governments.
  • Pray for two other countries in the Americas: that many would be saved and drawn into the church.


To pray for this Sunday’s Speaker and Meeting & Worship Leaders by name, click here

FOR OUR LEADERS – To lead the church with the wisdom that comes from above during this challenging time.

FOR OUR STAFF TEAM & VOLUNTEERS – who are putting in lots of work to prepare for and implement online church, Small Groups and prayer.

FOR OUR SUNDAY MEETING – For the planning and practicalities to all come together, and for there to be a greater sense of unity and ‘togetherness’ in the church than ever before. Pray that we would encounter God as we ‘meet’ together on Sunday mornings.

FOR THOSE IN ISOLATION – That they will experience God’s love and peace during their time in isolation, and would be connected to people in the church.

FOR SMALL GROUP LEADERS – to be able to lead well and care for those in their groups.


FOR SALVATION – As we continue to reach out to those on our BLESS lists and neighbours who are vulnerable, that many would come to know Jesus at this time. That the good news of Jesus Christ would be more infectious than any virus.

FOR THE GOVERNMENT – For wisdom, guidance and compassion for those in government responsible for making decisions.

FOR MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS – for protection and strength for all those caring for the sick. Also for scientists looking to develop a vaccine.

FOR OURSELVES – To respond with faith, not fear; confidence, not anxiety. To be a light in the darkness for those who don’t know Jesus.

FOR GOOD TO RESULT – for God to use this situation and His church to bring good into the world.

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