The history of our church is an amazing story of God at work through his people.
If you’re part of the story, or just interested in how we got here, have a look below.

KCHW 50th Year Celebration

Our Story

Interview with Frank

Stories from the pioneers

King’s Kids Story

1967-1969 – Exodus

Led by the Lord, five families move from Hayes to a housing estate in Hazlemere.
They start meeting together in the living room of one of their homes.

1971 – Baptism of the Spirit

One by one, the group is filled with the Holy Spirit. They’re given a passion to see people in the town come to know Jesus.

1972 – ‘Living Waters’

With more people being added, the church needs a new place to meet. Families pool money and buy a detached house, 29 Penn Road, Hazlemere.

1980 – Continued growth

The church outgrows ‘Living Waters’. Local schools become venues for Sunday morning meetings.

1982 – Into the Land

A decision is made to plant into High Wycombe. In 1985, the church begins to call itself the King’s Church.

1986-1990 – Reaching into the Community

A bookshop and office space is purchased in Desborough Road. With continued growth, the church begins looking for a permanent building.

1992-1994 – Building the Centre

A site becomes available on Desborough Road. The £1.7m cost is paid for through property sales, bank loans and generous giving. 29 families offer their homes as a guarantee.

1994 – A New home

By 1994 the King’s Centre is finished and the church moves in. A fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit blesses much of the church in a life-changing way.

2007-2008 – Creating space

The Church joins Newfrontiers, an international network of Churches.
The Lord encourages leaders with the words: “Don’t turn off the taps”. Now at 350 people, the church moves to two morning meetings to make room for growth.

2016–2020 - Hazlemere site

On Easter Sunday 2016, with Sunday morning attendance around 700, we launched a second site at Sir William Ramsay school in Hazlemere.

2020 – Online during Lockdowns

On 22 March 2020, we began providing online Sunday Meetings.  Small Groups, Prayer Meetings, Prayer Team and other prayer initiatives also moved online during 2020 and 2021, and we supported people in King’s and in Wycombe pastorally and financially, and also gave financially to the Nations through the Newfrontiers’ sphere, Catalyst, that we were joining at this time.

2021 – Live Stream Launched

On 4 October 2021, we began live streaming our 11:30am meeting, as well as meeting in person at both 9:30 and 11:30am at King’s Centre.  Small Groups and Prayer Meetings started meeting in person again also over the year that followed.

2023 - A new way forward

Seeing 'in person' numbers back to pre-lockdown figures across two meetings in one location, a couple of changes helped create space and even out numbers in our children and youth work, including moving our Sunday meeting times to 9am and 11am.