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King’s Kids is King’s Church for children aged 0-11.

We’re all about getting to grow-for-God in fun, friendly ways with Jesus + each other.

Sunday is a fun day for King’s Kids


We’re all getting together again.  We’d really love to see you on Sundays to have fun, make friends, and meet with Jesus. Simply come along – no tickets needed!

As we rebuild our children’s teams, some Sundays are for Dads, Mums, Guardians to join for what we’re calling King’s Kids FAMILY.

See you Sunday, Love and hugs, The King’s Kids Team xxx

King’s Kids THIS Sunday – 17 Oct


Creche (1-3 years 3 months) check-in from 9:15am

Sparklers (age 3 1/4 – Reception) check-in from 9:15am.

Shooting Stars (Y1+2) Rockets (Y3+4) Xplosion (Y5+6) check-in from 9:15am.


All age groups – King’s Kids FAMILY – check-in from 9:15 + 11:15am. All children are welcome to come along with Dad or Mum or both to the Hall (one parent must stay for this great time together). 

King’s Kids NEXT Sunday – 24 Oct


Creche (1-3 years 3 months) check-in from 9:15am

Sparklers (age 3 1/4 – Reception) check-in from 9:15am.

Shooting Stars (Y1+2) Rockets (Y3+4) Xplosion (Y5+6) check-in from 9:15am.


Creche (1-3 years 3 months) check-in from 9:15am

Sparklers (age 3 1/4 – Reception) check-in from 9:15am.

Shooting Stars (Y1+2) Rockets (Y3+4) Xplosion (Y5+6) check-in from 9:15am.

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REGISTER HERE to join-in King’s Kids


We’re SO pleased you’re here.

Joining-in King’s Kids starts by using our register to let us know who you are. We’ll be able to stay in touch about the King’s Kids things which are made for you (eg King’s Kids Live!) and to do our best to look after you as you Grow-for-God. 

Plus, when it comes to taking care of children, we ask for all the things we hope you’d expect.

Since June 2021, we’re asking all children to do a NEW registration. This includes new things to do with the new ways we’re meeting. So, if you’re yet to register since June 2021, click on our BIG Green Button to start.


Autumn challenges


You know the Bible? that big book. God’s book. Scripture. It’s full of how God has loved and lived with people who trust Him, and those who chose not to. Well, as you may know it’s one book with 66 books inside – 39 in the Old Testament, and 27 in the New. It was written by about 40 authors and took about 1,500 years to complete. It’s God’s book, written by people who loved Him, and lived with Him. All Scripture is God-breathed. So, learning the names of the books inside God’s book is a way of helping us see just how much God wants to say to us. Let’s learn the books of the Bible…and get a King’s Kids Cap 🙂

King’s Kids did Catalyst Festival


What a Happy Bank Holidayyyy!
King’s Kids went to Catalyst Festival (online) from Fri 28 – Sun 30 May.
Here’s what was on for PRE-SCHOOLERS, 5-11’s, and PARENTS, either as a family or together with friends.

Here’s all the links to all the sessions and activities





(This was instead of our usual Sunday King’s Kids Zoom)


From time-to-time King’s Church prays non-stop. Yep, 24/7, with King’s Kids in on it too.

To help boost any + all our PrayTimes, here’s some prayer-boosting, top-tips, whats-whys-and-hows.

For us to pray is God’s BIG idea.

King’s Kids is all about Growing for God! We do this by having fun, making friends and meeting Jesus. Here’s five things that are BIG for our brilliant team of leaders:


1. Fun:  We have a lot of laughs in King’s Kids!

2. Friends: We make friends + look after each other

3. God:  We meet with Him through the Holy Spirit

4. Love: We want children to know how precious they are

5. Gifts: We love to explore the things we’ve been given

To help children grow in a place that’s right for them, there’s five age groups.

  • Crèche: 0-3 years
  • Sparklers:  Age 3+ to Reception
  • Shooting Stars: School years 1 and 2
  • Rockets:  School years 3 and 4
  • Xplosion: School years 5 and 6

King's-Kids-Worship_colours for YouTube

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Sing along every day, and get-set for Sundays.

Sunday is our Funday when we all get-together to sing our hearts-out and our heads-off to our lovely, lovely Father in heaven.

Here’s our songs for Springy-Spring-Spring…yes, it’s a thing!

Have any questions? Contact King’s Kids and a member of the team will get back to you! 

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