King’s Kids is King’s Church for children aged 0-11.

We’re all about getting to grow-for-God in fun, friendly ways with Jesus + each other.

Sunday is a fun day for King’s Kids

We’d love to see you on Sundays from 8:45am or 10:45am. Simply come along to have fun, make friends, and meet with Jesus.

As we rebuild our children’s teams, some Sundays are for Dads, Mums, Guardians to join their children for what we’re calling King’s Kids FAMILY.

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We’re SO pleased you’re here.

Joining-in King’s Kids starts by using our register to let us know who you are. We’ll be able to stay in touch about the King’s Kids things which are made for you, and to do our best to look after you as you Grow-for-God.

Plus, when it comes to taking care of children, we ask for all the things we hope you’d expect.

Press our BIG Green Button to start, enter your details first, then click “Add Child”

Let’s learn the books of the bible

You know the Bible? that big book. God’s book. Scripture. It’s full of how God has loved and lived with people who trust Him, as well as those who chose not to. Well, as you may know it’s one book with 66 books inside – 39 in the Old Testament, and 27 in the New. It was written by about 40 authors and took about 1,500 years to complete. It’s God’s book, written by people who loved Him, and lived with Him. All Scripture is God-breathed. So, learning the names of the books inside God’s book is a way of helping us see just how much God wants to say to us. Let’s learn the books of the Bible…and get a King’s Kids Cap 🙂

King’s Kids did Catalyst Festival

What a Happy Bank Holidayyyy!

King’s Kids went to Catalyst Festival (online) from Fri 28 – Sun 30 May 2021.

Here’s what was on for PRE-SCHOOLERS, 5-11’s, and PARENTS, either as a family or together with friends.

Here’s all the links to all the sessions and activities

(This was instead of our usual Sunday King’s Kids Zoom)


From time-to-time King’s Church prays non-stop. Yep, 24/7, with King’s Kids in on it too.

To help boost any + all our PrayTimes, here’s some prayer-boosting, top-tips, whats-whys-and-hows.

For us to pray is God’s BIG idea.

King’s Kids is all about Growing for God! We do this by having fun, making friends and meeting Jesus. Here’s five things that are BIG for our brilliant team of leaders:

1. Fun: We have a lot of laughs in King’s Kids!

2. Friends: We make friends + look after each other

3. God: We meet with Him through the Holy Spirit

4. Love: We want children to know how precious they are

5. Gifts: We love to explore the things we’ve been given

To help children grow in a place that’s right for them, there’s five age groups.

  • Crèche: 0-3 years
  • Sparklers: Age 3+ to Reception
  • Shooting Stars: School years 1 and 2
  • Rockets: School years 3 and 4
  • Xplosion: School years 5 and 6

Sing along every day, and get-set for Sundays.

Sunday is our Funday when we all get-together to sing our hearts-out and our heads-off to our lovely, lovely Father in heaven.

Here’s a load of songs from loads of people who love JESUS…

King’s Kids Leaders

Why not grab a coffee and few cheeky biscuits, settle into a comfy chair and have a read of Michael Fletcher’s, Empowering Leadership.

Right Hand Man
See King’s Kids in Your House – Episode 7 Full of Heaven for the story of when Billy met The Holy Spirit.

Heaven is For Real
See King’s Kids in Your House – Episode 14 – Well, Well, Well…The Gift of Healing for our mention of 4 year old Colton Burpo’s story. He was close to dying on an operating table when he was treated to a meet-up with Jesus.

King’s Kids in Your House – The Kids!

You bunch of super, amazing kids have been seeing, singing, hearing, praying, and playing. Week after week, you’ve been doing yourselves good and doing others good along the way. Way to go King’s Kids – we love you! The King’s Kids Team xxx


Thinking of joining in? Email to ask about a Taster Session. Having a ‘taster’ lets you see how you can grow as you serve, as well as have fun, make friends and meet Jesus. Our team are ordinary people changed by Jesus.

Click to view some inspiring team thinking.

Click to view how Pete joined a kids team.

BIG Words

I will bless anyone who trusts in me. I will do good things for the person who depends on me. They will be like a tree planted near water. It sends its roots out beside the stream. It is not afraid when heat comes. Its leaves are always green. It does not worry when there is no rain. It always bears fruit.

WITBDIFT? Jeremiah 17 verse 7-8


You are all around me, behind me and in front of me. You hold me safe in your hand.

WITBDIFT? Psalm 139 verse 5


A monthly SmallGroup for boys and girls in school years 4 and 5.

Funday Friday is a safe, family-based space for children.

It’s time to have fun, make stronger friendships and grow in faith.

For more details and to book spaces, click the green button below.


A monthly SmallGroup for boys and girls in school year 6. We meet 6-7:30pm on a Thursday in our King’s Kids Sunday space. We’re getting stuck to Jesus and each other in the friendliest and funnest ways possible.

Have any questions? Contact King’s Kids and a member of the team will get back to you!

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