At King’s, we’re always working towards creating family, growing in our relationship with Jesus, and extending God’s kingdom together. One of the ways we do this is through our small groups. Our groups open for sign-up twice each year, during spring and autumn. We also run groups for newcomers throughout the year, so that it’s quick and easy to find community. Our small groups meet at different times of the day, at different times of the week – and our heart is that everyone who considers King’s their home church would be part of a group.

How to sign up

Have a look through the list to see which groups are available. One you’ve chosen your group, fill in your details to sign up. If you get stuck, or you have questions at all about our groups, emails Sarah, our Groups Coordinator at or call us on 01494 459901.

Find a group

New to King’s? Start here.

If you’re new to the church, if you’ve never been part of a small group here before, or if you’re just not sure where to start, we’d encourage you to try ‘Chapter One’. This is our discipleship experience built around seven rhythms that are core to following Jesus. It’s a great way to meet others, to share stories, and to create community with one another.

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