Lectio Divina

‘Lectio Divina’ is a way of reading the Bible that has been used around since AD 300. It involves slowing down to spend time with God, using four simple steps. In our busy lives, times of slowing down like this can be rare – but as we do, God will speak. You’ll need a quiet space, a Bible, a notebook and a pencil.


Start by asking God to speak to you through this passage. Now, read the passage through two or three times, very slowly. Don’t rush, or glance over familiar sentences. Underline any words or phrases that stand out, without reflecting on what they mean at this stage.


Now allow time and space to reflect more deeply on what you’ve just read. If it’s a narrative passage, picture the scene and imagine yourself in it. Keep coming back to Jesus. Get to know him, and become fascinated by him. If it’s a psalm, write down any questions you have, and use these to think more deeply about the passage. Ask God why these words and phrases are there, and what God wants to say to you. Allow time to be quiet, to listen, and to allow thoughts to take shape in your mind.


Having read and reflected on the passage, move to prayer. Bring whatever is happening in your own life, and whatever is on your heart, to Him. Be honest. Talk to Him like you’d talk to a friend.


Now, just contemplate what you’ve read and heard. Consider the truth of what has been revealed, and invite God to speak to you. Few words, if any, are necessary here. Just be still before God and invite him in. Enjoy time in his presence. Be with him and let him love you and refresh you.


  1. The Healing Of Blind Bartimaeus – Mark 10:46–52
  2. You Are The Light Of The World – Matthew 5:14–16
  3. Treasures In Heaven – Matthew 5:19–21
  4. Before I Formed You In The Womb – Jeremiah 1:4–10
  5. The Lilies Of The Field – Matthew 6:25–34
  6. Loaves And Fishes – Matthew 14:13–21
  7. The Baptism Of Jesus – Matthew 3:13–17
  8. The Word Became Flesh – John 1:1–15
  9. Jesus Calls The Twelve – Mark 6:7–13
  10. Do Not Hold On To Me – John 20:11–18
  11. Pentecost – Acts 2:1–13


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