Bringing God’s kingdom into everyday life

Do you have a story of listening to the Holy Spirit and taking a step of faith, however big or small? Your small step of faith could encourage someone else to step out too.

We have been praying for healing for Diane from the mystery symptoms she was suffering from. Despite numerous GP visits and phone consultations she never improved. She is still waiting for the ENT referral, and possibly a neurology one too. It’s now over 3 weeks since she was miraculously healed overnight between the 18th and 19th July. Since then she has slept well every night, and has not experienced any body tremors or shaking, and her smell and taste has reverted to normal.

We know many people were praying for Diane’s healing including the small group. We cannot be certain of what tipped the balance for God to intervene. Tamire and Alemnesh from King’s came to pray and lay hands on Diane during the afternoon of Sunday 1ith July, so one is tempted to think it was their faithfulness in coming to our house to pray, but we never will know this side of heaven. It could just as easily be your prayers or a combination of everyone’s prayers.

We will have to get in touch with GP to cancel the ENT appointment and tell them why. My part time job is where Diane used to be the cleaner. This week I was asked by one lady how Diane was as I had had to take a couple of days off work a few weeks back because Diane felt so poorly. Thinking about our recent teaching, I plucked up the courage to tell her about Tamire & Alemesh coming to pray, and how from that night she has been completely healed. I thought her eyes were going to pop out, as she looked at me open mouthed. A seed sown to follow up sometime hopefully.

Norman (10 Aug 2021)

As a child of 10 years old, I had a bad experience when I was left on my own while Dad went round to the next door neighbours in the very hot summer of 1976, during a thunderstorm.  During a thunderstorm 2 years ago, I heard God give me a picture and word.  He said, “Do not be afraid, Caroline, for I am with You and know of Your Astraphobia.  I am holding your hand tightly as you are curled up in the arms of my Son, Jesus, never letting go.  I have given you a prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank You that You understand all my fears and anxieties of how I was treated as a baby and child.  Thank You for Your picture and word.  Please help me by the power of Your Holy Spirit not to be afraid because I will never walk alone.  I pray this in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.” 

Caroline Picton (23 Jul 2021)

As part of my weekly chaplaincy round in Eden 2 weeks ago I was talking to a young man who said he had problems with his left ear. I quite often ask if people have something they would like to pray about. I asked him, he said yes, and this time I prayed for him there and then. This week, he said his ear was ‘healed’. He then said his housemate had a similar problem, I said I would pray, he said yes please, and said he would tell her.

I have been praying for another situation. In another shop, the young manager’s mother’s best friend had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have been praying for healing and peace for the mother. This week I was told the friend had died, so very soon after diagnosis. So my prayers were not answered? The young man told me that they thought she might have 2 years to live not a few weeks. But she was obviously very unwell because he said that just before she died she had a lucid 2 or 3 hours, her family was called in and she was able to say goodbye to them. I think this was answered prayer!

Andrew Green (23 Jul 2021)

Met with fellow small group leaders to chat through plans at a local pub. Got chatting to a fellow diner who was interested to know how we knew each other. Ended up having a long conversation with him about his life and experiences and our faith/church etc. We offered to pray for him before he left which he eagerly accepted. Sent us a text the next day thanking us and saying it was unbelievable how we all know how his head was working. He wasn’t local so we pointed him in the direction of a church local to him. 

Nicky Pearson (13 Jul 2021)

I attend Keep fit classes on Monday mornings. Two weeks ago I overslept so had to attend the 2nd session. The instructor had a damaged shoulder and at the end of the session, I asked if I could pray for her. ‘Anything’ she said. So I prayed. Had I gone to the first session I could not have prayed as the instructor has to wipe everything we used ready for the next session. So my oversleeping may well have been part of God’s plan.

The following week her shoulder was so much better but she put it down to the excellent physio. I know it was a miracle and I suspect she does too. 

This week I had another opportunity to pray for one of the ladies in the session. We had not long started our warm-up exercises when one of the ladies felt ‘wobbly’. While the instructor went off to get help, I prayed for ‘S’ and she was very grateful. I did apologise for not asking if I could pray first, but she said it did not matter she was pleased I had prayed.

Julia Renno (8 July 2021)

I went with a friend to a ladies’ event in Birmingham.  We missed the turning and ended up a long way off.  As we were studying the local map, a Muslim man offered to show us the way.

We were chatting about Jesus and at the church, we invited him to join us. The organisers said it was for ladies but he could come in and refresh.  He became a Christian and stayed and enjoyed lunch with us.  He publicly acknowledged Jesus in front of us all.

The punch line.  

He had been going into Birmingham to throw himself off a bridge. God saved him physically and eternally.

I was one step on the journey and another lady finished the job.  God does indeed work in mysterious ways.
Even one step of faith may lead to someone else seeing the completion.

Be encouraged.  

Rosalie Worley (14 June 2021)

‘I was looking for help with some heavy shopping at the supermarket recently and asked for some assistance from a young man who worked there.  He was not very happy at being asked but complied anyway.  Having loaded my car he accidentally banged his head on the boot.  I asked him if he was ok and he yelled at me, telling me he wasn’t, he was in a very bad mood because he was about to lose his job.  .I thought Lord he’s being real so I’ll be real and I told him that I’d pray for him.  He didn’t really respond but I prayed for God to provide him with a suitable job away from customers.’

Heather Perrin (26 May 2021)

Having prayed about job for neighbour Jacqui two weeks ago, and have asked daily since, I met her walking dog this morning (a rare event as she usual goes very early), and asked her how she was. She has a job, praise the Lord, but not the one she wants.

I said I would continue to pray for two days a week position as dental nurse and God would provide the other person to job share the remaining three days. She was very encouraged and so was I.

Julia Renno (24 May 2021)

Over the last year, I’ve been in communication off and on with a lady on my road who lost her husband not too long ago, and she’s been on my BLESS list since that started.

Last week I had to take the bus to work each day and so walked past her house each morning and evening, so I decided to intentionally pray for her each time I passed by and then at the end of the week intentionally asked for word or picture for her.

When I asked, I saw a tapestry on a stand, still being made… I let her know about this, and the fact that from the back a tapestry can look messy, with no discernable image and some areas “busy” with thread but other areas less so, but from the front one can then see the picture being created. I told her I thought that God was saying that he is still creating the image that is being made up of different parts of and times in her life… past, present, and future.

Her reply astounded me, that her late husband had used to say their life was like a tapestry, that she never knew what he meant by it and perhaps this was what he meant, and that she was encouraged by the picture and words I’d shared.

Jen Swallow (16 May 2021)

I was helping a friend with her patio repairs and when I had finished and before she brought tea, as she is a member of my Bless List, I said,” What do you want me to say to her Lord?”  I thought no more about it.

That night I was suddenly awake having had a short dream in which my friend said she had felt God say to her, “Water your plants with vinegar and they will flourish.” I straight away got up and Googled uses of vinegar in the garden and was amazed at its usage, one being as an ant deterrent which is one thing my friend has a problem with. I eventually screwed up the courage to tell her, as she is a non-believer although open-minded and she has just messaged me to thank me and to say she is going to look into the vinegar uses as she is a keen gardener.

Bill Hester (14 May 2021)

I prayed this week’s challenge, asking God to bring someone to mind that doesn’t know him. He put on my heart a mum from our NCT group who I know has been struggling. I asked God what he wanted to say to her and felt prompted to bring her some flowers and to encourage her that she’s doing a great job. I messaged her asking if I could drop something off so I went by today. I was nervous to tell her why I was bringing her flowers but prayed for the courage to tell her that I felt God had prompted me to do it. When I got there she was very touched and I took the step of faith to tell her why I came by. She shared with me how she’s feeling and struggling. While speaking I felt prompted by God to pray for her. So I asked if I could pray for her, her husband and twin boys, she was very open to it so I prayed then and there. She was very grateful and touched, and even commented on how calm one of her boys was after praying whereas he recently had been very distressed after feeds.

(13 May 2021)

I was praying for a friend on my BLESS list. I felt God give me two psalms for her, so I sent these through a WhatsApp message, saying I regularly pray for her and felt God give me these psalms to pass on. She replied saying she had had a tough week and was touched that I pray for her.

Suzanne Harbour (11 May 2021)

I spent time seeking God for a person I was meeting that day. I felt God give me a very simple word. So simple I honestly thought, is that it? Nothing more specific? I didn’t get a chance to share it in person, so I messaged this lady later. She replied saying, “Thank you so much, that brought tears to my eyes!”
Don’t doubt the words God gives you for others, no matter how simple they may seem.

Suzanne Harbour (11 May 2021)

A friend of ours from has had two eye operations, which involved long periods of recuperation with no driving for months over a year ago.  In April after a check up, she had a review appointment at short notice and was worried about this. She is not a Christian. We asked how we could pray. She said ‘that would be wonderful and said how.’
On Friday, she said her retina is fine, the muscular hole has healed. She will need non-urgent laser treatment to ‘polish and clean’ behind the lens in her left eye.  Praise God! A definite answer to prayer.

Ian Stokoe, 3 May

Seeking opportunity to speak to those on my bless list God gave me one while I was on my way to post a letter. I met a neighbour I rarely see and we had a nice chat and I said I needed to contact the dental surgery where she worked. I discovered she wanted to do a job-share but that did not often happen in dental nursing.
I asked if I could pray about that for her and she agreed. I then said “So if you do find a part-time job with another person and the dental practice agree, you will know its an answer to prayer. To which she replied: “Yes.” So I am earnestly praying.’

Julia Renno, 2 May

A young man came into the King’s Centre this week and wanted to talk about some difficulties he was experiencing in his life. A couple of us from the staff team had the privilege of listening to him sharing his story and afterward we offered to pray with him. After we’d prayed, I shared with him something very simple that I felt God wanted to say to him. I’m now praying that our time together will have revealed something to him of God’s love.’

Ruth Wainman 29 April

I recently sent a text to a friend, after sending it my phone went crazy, I had a row of 17 emoji/images I jokingly sent it saying maybe it was a prophetic word. Later I asked Holy Spirit and was amazed at what I was writing for each emoji/image. This was definitely a new adventure in being prophetic, I am open to the more, anyway, you like Holy Spirit I will go with it, never let me hold back because it seems new or different, take us on these adventures with you. We put our trust in a God who loves us and gives us good gifts. Amen.

Norma 29 April 2021

Following this week’s challenge for our Naturally Supernatural Series, we have been encouraged to look for opportunities to do good. So yesterday I did just that by encouraging a lady that I just met virtually the same day.
I connected with her on LinkedIn and Whatsapp then sent her a message as she recently joined our group and found it daunting to update her profile on LinkedIn and her CV. I shared with her my own insecurities about the new job market but assured her that there is a lot of help available within our group and this charity that helps people like us who were made redundant.

Kattia 28 April 2021

Having seen Wendy’s preach earlier in the previous week, I was thinking about ‘opportunities to do good’ and decided to talk to one of the Muslim guys who works at the fish & chip shop – got into a really good conversation about fasting (as it’s Ramadan), why he was fasting (and what it was like working in the chip shop during that!), my experience of fasting and the grace of God… I was a bit concerned about my jumbo sausage and chips going cold on the counter, but a great conversation!

John Harbour 27 April 2021

Recently I have been praying for God to use me more in the prophetic.  At a prayer meeting recently we were praying for healing for someone and God put a verse on my heart. It didn’t feel like it was in keeping with the way others were praying and my first reaction was to keep quiet.  Speaking out in front of a large group of people is intimidating for me and I don’t have much confidence in my prophetic gifting yet, but God spoke to me and said ‘you asked that I use you in the prophetic more and I’ve given you a word’.  Despite my nerves, I knew I had to step out and bring it, which I duly did.

Sarah 27 April 2021

I was coming into work at the King’s Centre a few weeks ago, and there was someone sitting on the steps with a can of lager. The temptation was to quickly go inside as I had a meeting starting very shortly, but I felt prompted to ask if he was OK. We got talking, I heard a bit of his story and how he had become homeless and the struggle with addiction. I got the opportunity to let him know that there is always hope and how loved he was, and asked if I could pray – which he was happy for me to do. I let him know about our in-person meetings and King’s Table, and yesterday he came to church and went to KT! Praise God!

John Harbour 27 April 2021

A friend was in the hospital for a quadruple heart bypass and was considered to be on death’s door.  I prayed for him and he lived.  I also have prayed to meet with certain people in person rather than using the phone or email, and I’ve then bumped into them when out.

Michael Buttner 27 April 2021

I texted a friend on my BLESS list to ask what I could pray for her, and particularly if she had any physical ailments for which I could pray for healing. She said that she didn’t, but her son had a bad knee injury (for the last year) that was starting to improve but could I pray for that… I’ve been praying, and the knee has been getting a lot stronger – and my friend has really appreciated it!

John Harbour 27 April 2021