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Bringing God’s kingdom into everyday life

Do you have a story of listening to the Holy Spirit and taking a step of faith, however big or small? Your small step of faith could encourage someone else to step out too.

  • A friend of ours from has had two eye operations, which involved long periods of recuperation with no driving for months over a year ago.  In April after a check up, she had a review appointment at short notice and was worried about this. She is not a Christian. We asked how we could pray. She said ‘that would be wonderful and said how.’
    On Friday, she said her retina is fine, the muscular hole has healed. She will need non-urgent laser treatment to ‘polish and clean’ behind the lens in her left eye.  Praise God! A definite answer to prayer. Ian Stokoe, 3 May
  • Seeking opportunity to speak to those on my bless list God gave me one while I was on my way to post a letter. I met a neighbour I rarely see and we had a nice chat and I said I needed to contact the dental surgery where she worked. I discovered she wanted to do a job-share but that did not often happen in dental nursing.
    I asked if I could pray about that for her and she agreed. I then said “So if you do find a part-time job with another person and the dental practice agree, you will know its an answer to prayer. To which she replied: “Yes.” So I am earnestly praying.’ Julia Renno, 2 May
  • A young man came into the King’s Centre this week and wanted to talk about some difficulties he was experiencing in his life. A couple of us from the staff team had the privilege of listening to him sharing his story and afterward we offered to pray with him. After we’d prayed, I shared with him something very simple that I felt God wanted to say to him. I’m now praying that our time together will have revealed something to him of God’s love.’ Ruth Wainman 29 April
  • I recently sent a text to a friend, after sending it my phone went crazy, I had a row of 17 emoji/images I jokingly sent it saying maybe it was a prophetic word. Later I asked Holy Spirit and was amazed at what I was writing for each emoji/image. This was definitely a new adventure in being prophetic, I am open to the more, anyway, you like Holy Spirit I will go with it, never let me hold back because it seems new or different, take us on these adventures with you. We put our trust in a God who loves us and gives us good gifts. Amen.  Norma 29 April 2021

  • Following this week’s challenge for our Naturally Supernatural Series, we have been encouraged to look for opportunities to do good. So yesterday I did just that by encouraging a lady that I just met virtually the same day.
    I connected with her on LinkedIn and Whatsapp then sent her a message as she recently joined our group and found it daunting to update her profile on LinkedIn and her CV. I shared with her my own insecurities about the new job market but assured her that there is a lot of help available within our group and this charity that helps people like us who were made redundant.  
    Kattia 28 April 2021

  • Having seen Wendy’s preach earlier in the previous week, I was thinking about ‘opportunities to do good’ and decided to talk to one of the Muslim guys who works at the fish & chip shop – got into a really good conversation about fasting (as it’s Ramadan), why he was fasting (and what it was like working in the chip shop during that!), my experience of fasting and the grace of God… I was a bit concerned about my jumbo sausage and chips going cold on the counter, but a great conversation!  John Harbour 27 April 2021

  • Recently I have been praying for God to use me more in the prophetic.  At a prayer meeting recently we were praying for healing for someone and God put a verse on my heart. It didn’t feel like it was in keeping with the way others were praying and my first reaction was to keep quiet.  Speaking out in front of a large group of people is intimidating for me and I don’t have much confidence in my prophetic gifting yet, but God spoke to me and said ‘you asked that I use you in the prophetic more and I’ve given you a word’.  Despite my nerves, I knew I had to step out and bring it, which I duly did.  Sarah 27 April 2021

  • I was coming into work at the King’s Centre a few weeks ago, and there was someone sitting on the steps with a can of lager. The temptation was to quickly go inside as I had a meeting starting very shortly, but I felt prompted to ask if he was OK. We got talking, I heard a bit of his story and how he had become homeless and the struggle with addiction. I got the opportunity to let him know that there is always hope and how loved he was, and asked if I could pray – which he was happy for me to do. I let him know about our in-person meetings and King’s Table, and yesterday he came to church and went to KT! Praise God! John Harbour 27 April 2021

  • A friend was in the hospital for a quadruple heart bypass and was considered to be on death’s door.  I prayed for him and he lived.  I also have prayed to meet with certain people in person rather than using the phone or email, and I’ve then bumped into them when out. Michael Buttner 27 April 2021

  • I texted a friend on my BLESS list to ask what I could pray for her, and particularly if she had any physical ailments for which I could pray for healing. She said that she didn’t, but her son had a bad knee injury (for the last year) that was starting to improve but could I pray for that… I’ve been praying, and the knee has been getting a lot stronger – and my friend has really appreciated it!  John Harbour 27 April 2021

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