Special Series


We aim to create a group of ladies who care for each other, through prayer and friendship, also to grow stronger in the Lord through Bible study.

This Bible study group is for men only and we meet together weekly to share what God is teaching us.

A chance to get together and enjoy liberal amounts of social activity, chat, prayer, Bible study & discussion, to know each other better, and grow in our relationship with God.

This is a chance to open the Bible for an hour each week with a small group of around 8 people, and to invite God to speak.

This group is for women only.


Jesus invites us on a life of freedom.

But when life disappoints us, people hurt us and we let ourselves down, what does freedom look like and how do we find it?

This is our foundational discipleship experience. If you’re new to King’s, or you’d like to rediscover the adventure of following Jesus, start here.

The Christians Against Poverty Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills using a simple system that really works.

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Next Course Dates:

  • 12, 19 & 26 January 2022 


Alpha is a chance to explore life’s big questions in a relaxed, friendly setting – questions like: “What is the meaning of life?” “Does God exist, and if so, how can I know him?”

Each session includes a short film and a discussion where you can share your thoughts with a small group.

Start date: 26 January 2022