Special Series:

Blessed to bless those around us.

Psalm 127:1-2

When we look to anything that isn’t God for security, it leads to striving in vain. But when we put our security in God, He gives us rest.

Psalm 146 verse 5

The God of Jacob is the God of the Journey

Psalm 46:10 – only first line

How do we practically live out this verse?

Psalm 80 v 1

God was Faithful to David, Faithful to our Church, Faithful to me.

Psalm 18:6-11 and vs16 and v19

To talk about the image of God who came battle ready to save and to challenge people with possibly a different image which is portrayed in psalm18.

Psalm 22 vs7-18

Looking at the evidence behind why we believe based on predictive prophecies fulfilled in Jesus.  Encouragement to be ready to give an account of our faith, inspired by this evidence.

Psalm 121:1-2

1. Where are you
2. The Helper who comes to you

Psalm 27:1

Understanding where to place your trust when situations seem frightening or daunting.

Psalm 13

It’s easy to feel we need to say and pray the ‘right’ things all the time, even when we’re angry or upset with God. But if there’s one thing the Psalms teach us, it’s that we need to keep our prayers real – and let our Father God speak into our pain.