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New Small Group Idea Contact Form

By 23 March 2016December 15th, 2021No Comments

This form has a 15 minute “time-out” period… you may find it helpful to spend time thinking about them before refreshing this page and then submitting your information.

You may be asked to provide additional information about your Small Group idea once it has been considered.

  • Please enter a description of your Small Group. This should include the purpose, focus and aims of your group and who the group would be most suitable for. This does not need to include any of the information that is asked for below, unless it needs clarification (e.g. not meeting every week, etc)
  • Please enter a short summary (max 3 sentences) of the above website description, for inclusion in the printed guide.
  • Please choose Men only, Woman Only, or Mixed.
  • Other Leader(s) whose name(s) should appear on the website and in the guide (if applicable)
  • Please enter the normal day of the week on which the group runs. If your group does not meet every week, please put the frequency of meetings in the Small Group Description (e.g. every other week, first Monday of the month, etc)
  • :
    Please enter the starting time for the group.
  • :
    Please enter the time you expect the group normally to finish by
  • Number of places the venue can accommodate including leaders
  • Please enter a short phrase describing the location(s) of where you will be meeting. (e.g. High Wycombe Town Centre, Hazlemere, West of Wycombe, etc) Further information can be given in the Small Group Description (e.g. various locations, members' homes, etc).
  • Please say whether it will be possible for children to come along with a parent to the group. If you answer "Yes", please give further clarification in the Small Group Description (e.g. Parents with small babies are welcome to attend, etc)
  • Please consider different degrees of disability, for example people who can walk with support and those who are in a wheelchair
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.