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The Normal Fast No food is eaten and drinking only water.

The Absolute fast To fast completely without food or water up to a maximum of three days: see Esther 4:16, Ezra 10:6 and Acts 9:9.

The Partial or Daniel Fast A determined cutting back of food to vegetables and fruit only, or one meal a day. This is a practical fast for those involved in heavy work or who have medical reasons for requiring regular food intake: see Daniel 10:2–3.

The Juice Fast Some prefer to have a liquid only fast which allows for more physical work. Many use this type of fast for their long fast.

Fasting from other things e.g. television, electronic gadgets, social media, etc. and use the time to pray instead!


This is not a comprehensive list of guidelines but some helpful hints:

Spiritual Guidelines

  1. Fasting must first and foremost be an act of worship to God. Receiving from God or seeing situations changed are secondary matters. Be sure your motives are appropriate as you enter into your fast. Desire to meet with God, to be more Christ-like and for the holiness of God to be more evident in your life.
  2. Schedule in time to pray and read the Word of God. If you don’t you will miss wonderful opportunities to hear from God.
  3. Be prepared for opposition. This will come from the enemy as he doesn’t want you to fast. It will also come from your own body, which is used to having three meals a day!
  4. Fasting may bring out the worst in you! One writer said he never knew the strength of the ‘desires of the flesh and lust of the eyes’ to be so strong as when he fasted. Use it as an opportunity to acknowledges and address those things.
  5. Expect to hear God in dreams, visions, revelations and through the Word of God in new and exciting ways.
  6. Do not listen to the lie that nothing is happening. Fasting is a discipline that God has instigated, he blesses the obedient.

Practical Guidelines

  1. Fast with someone else. There is strength in numbers!
  2. Make a commitment and set a duration. However, be willing to review the duration if health or circumstances change.
  3. If drinking juice, drink low or non-acidic diluted juices. Watch your intake; schedule it so you are self-controlled.
  4. If you are underweight or ill, consult your doctor even for a few days fast.
  5. Don’t boast about your fast. At the same time, don’t be legalistic about this. Tell those who need to know.
  6. Schedule in regular rest breaks as you grow weary and exercise only lightly.
  7. Break the fast gradually, especially prolonged fasts.
  8. Remember we are under grace, not law. If at any point you feel you need to break the fast, be released to do so.

We are not expecting anyone to fast more than 3 days at a time; however if you are planning on fasting for longer, it is good to let someone on the leadership team know. If you want to talk to someone about fasting, please feel free to speak to any of our Pastoral Leaders.