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Naturally Supernatural Prayer Guide – Saturday

By 28 April 2021No Comments

Naturally Supernatural

The following is a suggested prayer structure. You can pick and choose which sections you would like to do. You can spend longer on the sections that are meaningful for you, but leave out others as time permits. Alternatively, feel free to do each one, which should take approximately 2½ or 5 minutes depending on whether you are praying for a total of 30 or 60 minutes. We do recommend that everyone do sections 6 and 7 each day (Praying Scripture and Intercession: Naturally Supernatural) as these form the main theme for the week’s prayer. You are also welcome to add any other prayer points you would like – let’s pray!


1. Praise and Worship

Spend some time praising God. Use songs, listen to music, speak out words of praise. You can find some worship songs to sing, or reflect upon by clicking here.


2. Pray in tongues

If you have the gift of tongues, use this now and allow the Holy Spirit to build you up (1 Corinthians 14:4). If you haven’t yet received this gift, you can spend a few minutes asking the Holy Spirit to give you this gift, or alternatively seek God’s blessing for your time of prayer.


3. Waiting on the Lord

Take some time to still your thoughts and sit before the Lord in silence. Ask him to reveal to you anything that is coming between you and Him.


4. Confession

Confess anything that comes to mind. This will enable you to pray without anything coming between you and God. If God highlights anyone He wants you to forgive, muster up the courage and strength to forgive them from your heart (Mark 11:25).


5. Personal intercession

Pray for the following:

  • God strengthens your relationship with Him, and He refreshes your confidence in His love for you as your Heavenly Father
  • You would love yourself as a child of God, free, forgiven and without condemnation (Romans 8:1).
  • You would love others as Jesus loves them, and you would boldly serve others in love as God gives you opportunity to do so.
  • You experience God’s inexpressible joy and peace (1 Peter 1:8 and Romans 15:13): we all need these!
  • Any specific points that you need today.


6. Praying Scripture

Read today’s passage, from 2 Timothy 4:

[19] Greet Priscilla  and Aquila  and the household of Onesiphorus.  [20] Erastus  stayed in Corinth, and I left Trophimus  sick in Miletus.  [21] Do your best to get here before winter.  Eubulus greets you, and so do Pudens, Linus, Claudia and all the brothers.  [22] The Lord be with your spirit.  Grace be with you.  


Hang on a minute: what is this passage doing in a series on God’s supernatural power?  What has this to do with being naturally supernatural and seeing God’s power break out?  Quite a lot, actually.  The author of this letter was the Apostle Paul.  He left Trophimus behind in Miletus because Trophimus was ill.  It’s a shock that the Apostle Paul, through whom the Holy Spirit healed many (even using handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him, Acts 19:12), continued his apostolic journey without one of his fellow workers who did not receive immediate healing.  Even Paul himself admitted that he suffered illness from which there was no apparent immediate release (Galatians 4:13): indeed, the Holy Spirit even used Paul when he was sick to preach the Gospel.   


There is mystery in healing: things we do not understand and may never understand this side of Jesus’ return.  However, failure to receive healing can be frustrating, hurtful, confusing, wounding and profoundly disappointing.  But what does Paul say about this?  He does not deny the reality of illness or its debilitating effects on him or his friends: instead, he exhorts the church to be open to the Lord by allowing Him into the deepest parts of our being (our spirit), and to be open to receiving more of His grace, v 22.  Disappointment need not lead to inactivity or bitterness: it can instead lead us into more intimacy and openness to Jesus, as well as deeper gratitude for the majesty and mystery of the Kingdom of God. 


7. Intercession: Naturally Supernatural


  • that God heals you of disappointment and hurt from your own experiences of illness or of those close to you 
  • that you would encounter God’s grace powerfully and be filled with renewed joy and peace 
  • God would use you by filling you with the Holy Spirit and giving you fresh hope and confidence in Him and His desire to use you. 
  • For others who have lost close family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to illness: for God’s grace, healing and filling for them 
  • We would find fresh confidence in the Holy Spirit to take risks, and to be courageous in seeking his healing and deliverance for others inside and outside the church 
  • For healing for yourself: emotional, physical or psychological. 


8. Thanksgiving

Write down 5 things you can thank God for. Consider each one in turn. Thank Him again. If you have time, think of another 5 things and thank Him again!


9. Intercession for others

Identify three people on your BLESS list (a BLESS list is a list of people close to us, like friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, who do not yet know Jesus as Lord and Saviour).

Pray that:

  • God deepens your relationship with them and gives you opportunities to serve them well
  • God provokes them to openness to Him
  • God uses you to signpost them to Him
  • Jesus wonderfully saves them.


10. Intercede for nations

Pick a nation: it could be the UK, it could be your birth nation or that of your parents, it could be a nation that is close to your heart, or it could be Nepal where our brothers and sisters in King’s Church Kathmandu are fearlessly spreading the Gospel.

Pray for:

  • the Gospel to be preached and received in that nation
  • many to be saved and then filled with the Holy Spirit
  • supernatural signs and wonders to break out in that nation that draw people to Jesus and glorify Him
  • a spotless Church to rise up in that nation
  • righteous government in that nation inspired by the love and fear of the Lord, and His loving wisdom


11. Intercede for the church

Pray for God’s blessing on two or three of the following and those who lead them:

  • King’s Kids: our children’s work up to the age of 11
  • King’s Youth: for those aged 11-18
  • Our small groups: for powerful times together and strong support of one another in these restrictive and challenging times
  • Our outreach and social action works: Azalea (working with commercially sexually exploited women), CAP (our Christians Against Poverty debt relief centre), English as a Second Language (ESL) groups, Little Stars (parent and toddler group), King’s Table (serving those wrestling with life-controlling addictions and homelessness)
  • The eldership, leadership and staff teams in the church: wisdom, unity, inspiration and courage
  • Focus: our group for those in retirement
  • Alpha: for many to join and encounter Jesus’ love and salvation: it starts on 4th May
  • Our worship and technical teams who serve us so well every single week
  • Another church in High Wycombe or the surrounding area


12. Reflection

Write down anything that God has spoken to you. You can send in your reflections, thoughts, words of encouragement, prophetic words by clicking here.