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Rejoicing in Overflow


The following is a suggested prayer structure.  Each section should take approximately 10 minutes.  However, be flexible, and enjoy going off-piste by adding any prayer points you would like!  Spend longer on the sections that are meaningful for you, and feel free to leave out others as time permits.  Whatever you do, however, please pray – and in particular pray through today’s specific prayer points so we seek God’s Kingdom with others as a united, praying church.


  1. Praise and Worship

Spend some time praising God.  Use songs, listen to music, speak out words of praise.  You can find some worship songs to sing, or reflect upon by clicking here.


  1. Pray in tongues

If you have the gift of tongues, use this now and allow the Holy Spirit to build you up (1 Corinthians 14:4). If you have never spoken in tongues, you can spend time asking the Holy Spirit to receive this specific gift, or alternatively seek God’s blessing for your time of prayer. If you have the gift of tongues, pray for a full 10 minutes, and consider the following: what has changed in my thinking, how have my emotions shifted, what do I want to pray for now that may be different from, how has my view of Jesus changed?


  1. Waiting on the Lord

Take some time to still your thoughts and sit before the Lord in silence. Ask him to reveal to you anything that is coming between you and Him. Confess anything that comes to mind.  This will enable you to pray without anything coming between you and God.  If God highlights anyone He wants you to forgive, muster up the courage and strength to forgive them from your heart (Mark 11:25).


  1. Reading and Praying Scripture

Read today’s passage.  What is God showing you or talking to you about from that passage: for instance, what strikes you as unusual, interesting, provocative, or puzzling?  Ask God and pray about those things.

1 Peter 3:15-16   But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behaviour in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.

The Gospel is not always well received by the prevailing secular culture.  It’s clear here from what Peter writes that the early Christians were frequently treated with disdain and disrespect by those outside the Church.  What he counsels is that we model the opposite of what is thrown at us: we are to demonstrate respect and gentleness.  He is clear that our love for Jesus compels us to share about the hope we have in the Gospel with those who do not yet share our faith and assurance, even if the initial reaction is hostile.  We can all reach out to our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, and Peter’s encouragement is that we are gentle and respectful as we do so.  Our outreach is a fundamental demonstration of who we are and what Jesus is like.

On February 3, 1994, Mother Teresa was invited to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC.  The then-President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore were there.  The room became very quiet as Mother Teresa spoke about the abhorrence and violence of abortion: she defended the rights of the most vulnerable – the unborn.  What was surprising was that her impassioned address drew a standing ovation.  However, her comments set up a rather awkward moment for the President whose speech followed directly after Mother Teresa’s.  His response in his opening comment was telling: “It’s hard to argue with a life so well lived!”

How we live our lives, and those for whom we advocate, make the nature of God and His Kingdom manifest to the secular world and its authorities.  Our love for the homeless, those with life-controlling addictions, the women abused by commercial sexual exploitation, those who cannot speak English paints a vivid picture of the reality of Jesus and His love.  It’s one way in which we live out lives well lived.

  1. Intercession

Let’s pray for:

Our Christians Against Poverty Centre (which helps people with unsustainable personal debt):

  • our debt coaches Ian and Nicky: strength, wisdom, joy and fulfilment in their demanding work
  • strong relationships with referral agencies such as Housing Associations, Social Services, Local Council to generate fresh referrals for our CAP Centre
  • encouragement and inspiration for our befriending team who visit the homes of our CAP clients with our debt coaches
  • lasting fruitful relationships with our clients
  • opportunities to invite clients into the church community, such as Sundays, courses and small groups
  • many salvations amongst our clients and lots of baptisms to follow
  • The CAP Money Course running regularly at King’s, that those they help will encounter Jesus in the process
  • The CAP Jobs Club run by Union Baptist, and CAP Life Skills Course run by The Pastures.  Pray for success for them in helping people into work, and that those they help will encounter Jesus in the process

King’s Table (our Sunday and Thursday ministry to the street homeless and those with life controlling addictions such as alcohol and drugs):

  • the teams who serve both at the Sunday dinner and the Thursday lunch: wisdom, anointing, encouragement and fulfilment
  • The King’s Table leaders: unity, courage, wisdom and Holy Spirit anointing
  • enduring positive lifestyle changes amongst our guests
  • an unstoppable and sustained outbreak of salvation amongst the guests
  • safe integration of guests into the church community
  • a growing team to serve the homeless who will further the power and significance of this ministry


  • Praise God for new connections with the women: increasing phone and text contact with the women which helps us connect with them.
  • That this ministry would continue to be built in a positive and Spirit-inspired way
  • Wisdom for leadership and trustee teams: volunteer team expansion, staff adjustments
  • New initiatives to increase meaningful contact with women during day and outside the evening outreach
  • Funding: to increase Azalea’s funding and donor base
  • Facilities: to identify a suitable drop-in facility with appropriate location and facilities
  • salvation of women and irreversible, positive lifestyle transformation
  • The women would be brought into meaningful kingdom community in the church and enjoy a tangible sense of belonging

Little Stars and English as a Second Language (our ministry to mothers and toddlers, and teaching English to those for whom it is not their first language)

  • More volunteers to support the Little Stars outreach work which takes place on Tuesday and Friday mornings, and Learning English classes taking place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • The mums would meet Jesus: parents would have their eyes opened as we share about Jesus
  • Stronger connections into the church for the mums through our current activities for mums, such as courses, small groups and Sunday mornings
  • A possible Monday morning group for mums with an outreach focus: wisdom how, when and if to launch
  • Our Little Stars and ESOL leaders (including Charlie and Rachel): courage, wisdom, encouragement


  1. Reflection

Write down anything that God has spoken to you.  You can send in your reflections, thoughts, words of encouragement, prophetic words to